How to Create Audio Streaming Platform For Your Business

audio streaming platform

Audio streaming has been around for a while but it has started gaining traction in the last few years. An audio streaming platform like Spotify has changed how people consume audio content. You will be amazed to know that the music streaming market was valued at over USD 20.9 billion in 2019, globally.

There is no stopping this wave as the compounded annual growth rate for this market is predicted to be over 17.8% between the period 2020 to 2027.

The user experience offered by the latest online audio streaming applications is unmatched. The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to this exponential growth. 

On-demand or live audio streaming: Exploring the difference

Audio on-demand platforms allow users to stream content at their preferred time. They have the flexibility to play, pause, change, rewind, forward the content whenever they want to. Spotify sound cloud is a great example of an on-demand audio platform that offers a rich user experience.

Live audio streaming on the other hand refers to streaming real-time audio content. The content here is being broadcasted as and when it is recorded. Numerous users can simultaneously listen using a live audio streaming app at a given time. Capital FM is a great example of a live audio broadcast.

What goes into creating an audio streaming platform? 

The audio streaming landscape is growing at a phenomenal pace but the competition in the industry is also increasing. To survive in a competitive landscape, you need to have an outstanding application that can help you deliver a great user experience. There are some key considerations that you should be mindful of while creating an audio streaming software or application.

1. Type of audio streaming service

One of the most important considerations that you should be mindful of when you make an audio streaming website is the type of audio streaming service that you will offer. It depends on the type of content that you want to deliver to your audience. Broadly, there are two categories: the first one is related to music and podcast streaming and the second one is related to radio streaming.

2. Music and podcast streaming portal 

A music or podcast streaming service is one of the most common offerings in the audio streaming segment. The users will have access to a pool of music or podcasts that they can stream at a preferred time. It could be a free service or a paid subscription that requires a nominal fee for accessing content on the portal.

3. Radio platforms 

Radio platform applications can show cast content from various types of radio stations depending on factors such as genre, theme, era, etc. You can easily customize it as per the needs of your audience. Users can access this content using an internet-powered streaming source. 

4. Distribution platforms

Another important consideration to build an audio streaming website is related to choosing suitable distribution platforms. This requires an assessment of the target audience base and how likely they are to use a given platform. The higher the number of distribution platforms, the more audience your app will get. Some of the popular distribution platforms include Android TV, Apple TV, Android app, LG TV, etc.

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Important features for audio streaming applications

Some of the most crucial features that you must offer with your audio streaming application include the following. 

  •   User Registration

The audio streaming application that you want to create must offer a simple user registration process. It should only ask for the most necessary information required to use the application instead of numerous irrelevant details. You should also allow users to sign up using their GMAIL or social media accounts. 

  •   Search Bar

An audio streaming application should not be complex to use. It should offer users an easy search feature that they can use to find the desired content in seconds. Providing easy navigation helps to boost the user experience. 

  •   Audio Player

This is one of the most crucial features that will help you create a music streaming app for a competitive market. Having a dynamic audio/music player is crucial to delivering an exceptional experience. Your music player should have all the basic functions that the users are accustomed to, including play, pause, rewind, forward, shuffle, repeat, etc.

  •   Creating Playlists

Personalization is the key to winning in the contemporary audio streaming service space. The most basic feature that you can provide to help deliver a personalized experience is playlist creation. 

  •   Playing Audio Offline

Internet penetration has indeed increased over the past few years and people have access to it on a 24*7 basis. However, having an offline feature allows users to stream audio content even at times when they don’t have an internet connection.  

  •   Recommendations To Users 

AI-based personalized recommendations have been a game-changer for many streaming service providers. Your app must have this feature if you want to create a sustainable business. It saves plenty of time for the audience as they are easily able to find relevant content. 


Creating an audio streaming platform in the contemporary requires meticulous planning. You need to be mindful of the type of audio streaming service that you want to provide and the distribution platforms that you will be using. Building a branded audio platform is a must if you want to create a sustainable business. One should always choose a reputed audio streaming service provider to create an audio streaming app that could deliver a great user experience.

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