Are You A Sporty Parent? Here Are 10 Sports for Kids You Should Teach Your

sports for kids

Learning different sports can help kids develop healthier minds and bodies. Did you know that you can teach your child to play sports at the age of 2? However, these kinds of sports for kids are basics like throwing and catching the ball and tumbling.

Teach your kids gradually until they can actively coordinate with their body, which is more likely when they reach the age of 7. Keep in mind that children develop at different levels so you should also consider adjusting.

In addition, choose the sport for kids that they will enjoy playing even daily. You can play different kinds of sports then ask them which is their favorite.


If you want to know what is the best sport you try with your kids, check the list below!


1. Swimming

People say once you’ve learned how to swim, you’ll never forget it even if it takes you years of not swimming. That’s why you should teach your kids how to swim. Aside from the fact that it’s a life skill, there are other benefits that the body can get from swimming.

When you swim, your lungs adjust when you breathe in the water. It also improves motor skills, strengthens the muscles, and lessens the probability of having cardiovascular diseases.

Goggles, swimming trunks or swimsuits, and caps are the basic items you should get for your kids.

2. Biking

Kids love to learn how to ride a bike. It’s one of the most common sports you can share with them. It makes them feel independent, responsible, and free because they can control the bike. In addition, they will learn the importance of road safety at a young age.

Just like swimming, riding a bike will help them develop their muscles and bones. Their reflexes will also improve since they need to decide quickly.

Of course, you’ll need to buy your kid a bike that’s appropriate for their height.

biking sports

3. Running

Nowadays, schools frequently hold fun runs and marathons. So at an early stage, you should gradually introduce running to your kids. They can use it in their future school activities, and who knows, they might join track and field clubs in the future.

In addition, running can bring a lot of positive effects to your body like improving the strength of muscles and bones, having good overall body coordination, and reducing the risk of having different diseases.

The basic equipment you can buy for your kids is running shorts or jogging pants, running shoes, and a comfortable shirt.

4. Football

Another popular sport you can teach your kid is football. It’s good for body coordination, flexibility, and discipline. It’ll also help in preventing diseases, and will teach kids how to cooperate with their teammates.

You can start teaching them gradually at the age of 6, but just the basics will do. From there, you can ask them if they want to join the school’s team so that they’ll have a regular practice.

As for the gear, buy them football kits which include classic football shirts, shorts, balls, long socks and shin guards, gloves, and soccer cleats.

football sports

5. Baseball

Want to teach them another sport that includes a full-body workout? Baseball can be a sport for them!

Baseball is played with bat and ball. The game consists of two teams with at least nine players each. The game will start when the pitcher throws the ball and their opponent will try to hit the ball. The team who scores the most wins.

If you don’t have the gear yet, you should buy a bat, a ball, helmet, baseball cap, baseball cleats, and the uniform.

6. Tennis

Tennis is a sport that requires quick legs and a focused mind. It’s popular among kids and adults because it can be played by up to two players on each team. It’s also a good bonding sport for family and friends.

When you teach your kids this sport, it’ll help them move their legs faster, have stronger arms, and develop techniques that will make their opponent miss the ball.

The very important things to have when playing tennis are rackets, balls, uniforms, and shoes. Others like sweatbands and grips can be optional.

tennis sports

7. Gymnastics

Nothing beats gymnasts when it comes to grace under pressure. With their precise movements even on critical stunts, it’s not a question of why they always leave the audience in awe.

Kids are trained to be gymnasts because their bones are still flexible, unlike adults. It also encourages them to be fearless and powerful.

8. Basketball

Two teams, with at least five players, shoot the ball to their respective rings until they reach the fourth quarter. Whoever scores the most, wins. Looks easy, right? However, basketball is one of the challenging sports for a team. They have to coordinate with each other to gain points.

Playing basketball also brings a lot of benefits to the body such as good motor skills and body coordination.

A lot of houses have a basketball court, and if you have one, your kid will just need a ball, nice shoes, and a set of uniforms.


9. Roller skating

If a kid in a school comes with their rollerblades on, a lot of kids will get jealous. Before that time comes, you should have taught your kids how to skate. It’s another fun family activity that everyone will enjoy.

It also has health benefits such as muscle strength, body coordination, and lessens the risk of having cardiovascular diseases.

The basic gear your kids will need are helmets, skates, knee pads, and gloves.

10. Martial arts

Martial arts originated from Asia which are used for self-defense. Nowadays, Martial arts are usually included in school curricula as part of physical education classes. However, it’s still important to learn advanced techniques outside the school.

You can choose from Jujitsu, Karate, Krav Maga, and Taekwondo depending on your kid’s preference.

The gear will also depend on the specific Martial arts, but usually, the uniforms, belts, and protective gear are needed.

martial arts


Now that you have different sports for kids in mind, you can now teach your kids in a fun and exciting way. Don’t forget to share with us what is your’s best sport for kids by commenting below!

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