6 Benefits of Strength Training for Kids

Benefits of Strength Training for kids

Strength training is famous for its benefit of building bigger muscles. Ultimately strength training is something much more than this. The sad part is many parents know strength training at a superficial level. So, it is important to discuss strength training beyond a superficial level. When parents realize its importance then they would send their children for strength training. Strength training for adults is an ancient concept.

But the physical experts have emphasized strength training for kids. Therefore, Kids Exercise Classes offer strength training to the kids. According to the International health report, kids of age 6-17 are the second-fastest-growing members of fitness clubs. But many parents still don’t trust that strength training is beneficial for their children. They always question that how strength training is safe for their kids. Does it harm the general growth pattern?

Parents always remain concerned for their children. Hence, it is important to answer their queries so they get satisfied. The Academy of Pediatrics stated that strength training has shown no negative effects on linear growth and the cardiovascular system. The Mayo Clinic and American Council also emphasized the importance of the kid’s strength training. The benefits are only associated with training having proper technique and safety standards. Never start kids from a supervised program.

List of 6 Benefits of Strength Training for Kids

Why does Strength Training Produce a Positive Impact on Kids? At this point, parents can have the answer to their queries. Hope so after all queries being answered parents will send their children for strength training.

1.    The Strength and Muscles Fitness Gets Increase:

If we talk about adults muscles size increases. Therefore, muscles strength also gets increases. Kids don’t have hormones that support an increase in muscles size. So, they gain the most of their strength as coordination and improved neurological function. The nervous system controls each movement of muscle for the coordinated function. Strength training is a very effective way of boosting the nervous system for coordinated movements.

The ease of daily life activities depends on the strength a kid has. So, we can say increased muscle fitness leads to strength in society. This factor is commonly running out of society. Yes, we are talking by including children in it.

2.    Fewer Chances of Getting Injured:

The article published in medicine and science in sports and exercise concluded that almost 50% of injuries in youth is caused by poor coordination of muscles. There are few core principles of strength training:

  • Overload
  • Adaption
  • Recovery

This simple process possesses applying a load on muscles greater than their strength. After that, give them plenty of time to recover, and they will eventually become strong. The same holds true for tendons. Tendons connect to muscles before inserting into bones. With the increase in strength of muscles, the strength of tendons, surrounding fascia, and ligaments also increase. As a result, fewer strains and tears take place which makes children more resistant to injury.

3.    The Bone Density Gets Increase:

Tendons produce more pressure on bones and bones responds with increased force. Strength training’s pulling and compressing forces increase bone density. As a result, one gets deeper bones density which lowers the risk of osteoporosis in adulthood.

4.    Flexibility Gets Increase:

Flexibility and strength are the two sides of the same coin. Lifting and lowering weights causes muscles to move through a controlled range of motion. This movement is essential for achieving flexibility. The only saying which is best suited on the muscles is “use it or lose it.” The tightness of muscles is a sign of muscle weakness. Muscle atrophy reduces flexibility and increases the likelihood of injury. We can say that strength training induces and improves flexibility.

5.    Risk Of Joint Dysfunction Decrease:

Strength training helps to balance the right and left sides of the body, as well as the back and front. The balance of the body almost reduces the chances of joint dysfunction and the probability of back issues. Muscle imbalances are difficult to identify until a symptom takes place in the form of pain. When muscles are forced to make compensation movements through the years, this will ultimately result in joint dysfunction. No physical movement tightens muscles at the front and causes problems at the back.

The imbalance caused round shoulder or lower cross disorders. You can find multiple people suffering from back issues around you. You don’t want your kids to suffer from that kind of problem. We can conclude that strength training induces coordinated movement to reduce the chances of joint dysfunction.

6.    The Composition of Body Gets Improve:

There is no doubt that having greater muscles is better than having fats. The metabolically active tissue in our body is muscles, that burn calorie. According to studies, one pound of muscle burns 30-50 calories in a day to maintain its existence. The body becomes a more efficient calorie-burning machine as its muscle composition improves. The studies revealed that obese people possess major factors leading to heart disease. These are the risk factors:

  • Blood lipid abnormalities
  • Hypertension
  • Elevated glucose levels

According to current research, 60% of obese children have at least one risk factor for heart disease. Strength training, in the long run, lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. These are the three most common causes of death in modern society.

These numerous benefits have made it compulsory for kids to be a part of Kids Exercise Classes. All the queries of the parents have been addressed so far. It is not rational to risk the whole life of a kid just because of lame doubts. Strength training is as important for kids as it is for adults. The development of the body occurs faster in childhood than in adult age.

The above reasons are well justified to send kids for strength training. There is no risk to kids’ growth with this training. Instead, their health condition will get better and their brain functions faster than other kids. So, don’t miss out on strength training for kids their healthy future depends a lot on it.


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