Top 5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into A Heaven

When designing a small kitchen, one will face a lot of problems, starting with managing the space to introduce décor items in the small space. The task is difficult and requires extensive planning which further needs proper knowledge about some of the small kitchen design ideas.

Unfortunately, everyone can’t plan a design that will be functional and spacious and captivating for the eyes of the onlookers. But you need to design your kitchen and one way or the other, you will look for other plans that may or may not be correct for your existing kitchen space. This is why we have compiled a list of some trending and eye-catching kitchen designing ideas for small space.

Here Top 5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

  • Long carpets and runners for covering the floor

The first place where your focus should be is on the floors. If you have a long kitchen, and half the floor is open for everyone to see with some noteworthy flaws, the best way to hide the floor’s imperfections is by laying a runner rug. These are long carpets placed in hallway structures where the length is more than thrice the breadth. You can use a normal runner made of cotton fabric or a woolen carpet for this small kitchen design.

  • Stick to a comfortable but single statement chrome combination 

If you want to establish a monochrome design, make sure you are not mixing up any kitchen surfaces’ color statement. For monochromes, always look for the light-colored shades like white, off white, cream, light beige, and so on. But, if you want to mix up certain colors, you need to do so where the overall statement will be a single tone. For example, you can mix up either the light colors or dark colors for small kitchen design together. No fusion of the light and dark shades will enhance the beauty of such a kitchen space. If you want to add colors, opt for wall decorations with colors to break the monochrome monotone.

  • Add statement lights for small kitchens 

Another amazing way to introduce a wonderful kitchen design in a small space is by using statement lights. Lights now have become an important element for interior décor and hence use them perfectly to ensure that the entire kitchen is looking bright and lively. For example, you can install the pendant lights on the small kitchen island at the corner, the task lights on the kitchen counter, a backsplash rail if you have a wider cooking space, and so on.

  • Allow natural light to flood the space

If you want to create an illusion of a wider kitchen, the best way to do it will be by introducing transparent glass mirrors. This will create an illusion of a larger space and allow natural light to flood in the kitchen area, thereby brightening it further during the day time. This particular kitchen design idea can be achieved by installing a glass window on one side of the long, alley kitchen, introducing a glass window beside the kitchen countertop, and so on. Along with proper lighting, a bigger kitchen illusion can be achieved.

  • Turn the counter cabinets into storage drawers

One of the best ways to maximize the space inside the kitchen is by transforming the cabinets in your counter into drawers. The drawers will allow you to store more things together, and hence, a lot of space will be saved in your kitchen. For the drawers, don’t forget to introduce dish racks, separate compartments for keeping the things separated, and other kinds of organizational structures within the drawer interiors.


With these five most amazing kitchen design ideas, you can most certainly plan an entirely new kitchen with marvelous new tweaks that can be in the form of a new runner, new wall colors, new countertop, and so on. The decision is in your hands now. After all, at the end of the day, you will use the kitchen.


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