7 Ingenious Ways On How To Be Close To Nature At Home

hanging planters

Nature has several wonderful creations and produces soothing & peaceful atmosphere. Such an environment makes us remain calm and feel relaxed & fresh. Unlike the old ages, each one of us can’t stay in the wood to be in the lap of nature. However, there are several ways that can make you save the environment around you and to feel being close to nature. Some of those ways are as follows:

1. Have a garden/Plant small to mid plants in your home

Having a garden is an excellent way to bring nature close to you. For the plantation of a garden, you don’t need to have a big space in your front yard or backyard. A front yard or backyard with a small space is enough to create a small garden close in your home. You can opt for planting small to mid plants by placing earthen/plastic plant pots at different places in your home or wooden hanging planters on walls. Shop the requisite hanging wooden planters from an online store such as WallMantra for an in-house garden creation if you have a lack of space in your home.

2. Shop for eco-friendly products 

In the contemporary world, environmental changes are a big issue. And it is getting threatening to human life on earth. To protect the life of your upcoming generations, you should do plantations and avoid using the products made of wood. Some of you can say that life is not possible without wooden articles. Apart from wood and plastic, you can come across the household products and furniture made of other materials that are sustainable and friendly to nature. Yeah, you have thought right, bamboo products like spoons, tables, stools, chairs, and cutting boards. Bamboos are friendly to our environment as they grow faster in comparison with wood producing trees like oak, teak, and pine. 

3. Let natural light come into your home 

Love to have a bright and cheerful atmosphere in your home? Work to bring natural light into your abode. Bringing natural light inside is essential for you if you live in a darker or colder area. To let the sun rays come into your abode, you can open doors and windows. Keep the curtain remained on the side so that the glass of your doors and windows let the sun rays come inside when the windows and doors are closed. Further, you can place your furniture pieces away from the windows to remove the obstruction if there is any. 

4. Install nature-themed murals and paintings

Having nature-based paintings and murals is a great way to feel a closeness to nature and transform your home space. In your search, you can come across several murals and paintings that beautifully depict wonderful creations such as sunrise, sunset, mountains, rivers, forests, trees, waterfalls, and beach. Know your taste and home theme before shopping and installing nature painting and murals in your abode.  

5. Have freshly cut flowers in your home

To feel fresh and relaxed every day, you should bring a few bouquets of fresh flowers and place the same in your living room, dining hall, and bedroom. You can take them from your garden or buy from a local florist. With the change in season, you can keep your bouquets fresh. You can make a mix of flowers to bring a natural fresh look to your home. 

6. Visit a local park or garden 

Maximum towns and cities have their own parks or gardens with different trees and flowering plants. For being close to nature, you need to find such a garden or park in your locality. Decide a time (morning, afternoon, or evening) to visit the selected garden/park. Get ready to go far if you want to listen to bird chirping, and have a very peaceful atmosphere. 

7. Install a bird feeder 

For many of you, getting into nature is a tough job. Bring nature close to you if you can’t get into it. In the front or back space of your home, you can install a bird feeder if you are serious to have natural entertainment throughout the year. You can place some grains into the feeder or spread on the floor and spend several hours watching birds chirping and getting fed.  


Being in the lap of nature may be hard for some of you in the contemporary world. However, planting small to mid plants inside your abode, visiting a zoo/park/garden, installing a bird feeder and bringing freshly cut flowers are a few ways that can help you bring nature close to you.         


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