Top 10 Most Popular XCloud Games to Play on PC

With Microsoft’s Project xCloud released last September, gamers from all over the world are raving about it. And that is because of the idea that gamers can now play the games released in Microsoft Xbox One on their smartphones and tablets. With that, gamers can now play Xbox games anywhere on-the-go. 

Aside from playing on your smartphones and tablets, there is also a way for you to play Xbox One games on PC. That is through the help of game launchers. One example is through Of course, with today’s technological advancement, surely you can’t deny that almost everything is possible.

If you’re looking for XCloud games that you can play on PC for free, check out the list:

1. Hello Neighbor

Have you seen movies where the protagonist finds his neighbor creepy, so he sneaks out on his house to find out if he’s hiding something or not—well, that’s basically the storyline of Hello Neighbor. From the developers of Dynamic Pixels, Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game released in December 2017. This game has received many positive reviews from players worldwide thanks to its unique and immersive gameplay. What’s more, the game uses an advanced AI, so you’ll be met with brilliant counterattacks that are, sometimes, a bit difficult to overcome. 

If suspenseful games like these, coupled with Pixar Animation-like graphics, interest you, then you should give this game a try.

2. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Speaking of horror games, who doesn’t know about Five Nights at Freddy’s? Because of its massive success in giving people a good scare, this popular point-and-click survival horror game is back with a second installment—in fact, it’s currently up to its sixth installment already, and probably a few more will be released. In Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, a new night security guard was assigned to monitor the cameras and check if nothing goes wrong after-hours inside Freddy Fazbear’s pizza. But this time, you are given an empty Freddy Fazbear head to fool the animatronics who will try to scare you out. 

3. Human: Fall Flat

If you’re in for light-hearted XCloud games that will give you a good laugh, play Human: Fall Flat. This puzzle platformer challenges your creativity as you will play a wobbly Human named Bob, who finds a way to solve a variety of challenging puzzles per level. Since it’s an open-ended game, you are bound by no rules in this game. Therefore, you can let Bob do anything, whether you want him to grab or break objects, run, climb into anything—your choice. 

4. Terraria

First released in 2011, Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that lets you explore, craft, build, and combat with various creatures in a 2D world. It features 16-bit tile-based graphics that are reminiscent of the games played on a Super NES video game console. Because of its interactive classic exploration-adventure gameplay, it has garnered a lot of positive reviews from players and critics alike. Moreover, if you are into games that offer deep exploration, play Terraria today.

5. The Escapists 2

If you want to know what it’s like to break out from the toughest prisons in the world, play The Escapists 2. From the developers of Mouldy Toof Studios, The Escapists 2 revolves around the protagonist living by the prison rules, doing prison jobs, and following strict guidelines, all while secretly finding ways to bust out of prison. If you think you have what it takes to escape from the prison, play The Escapists 2.

6. Shadow Warrior 2

From the developers of Flying Wild Hog comes a wild first-person shooter game that involves slashing and killing demonic creatures that terrorize the world. Shadow Warrior 2 revolves around the protagonist named Lo Wang, a tough warrior who takes on a variety of challenging missions and kills off enemies and monsters. Because of its action-packed gameplay, the game was highly praised by a lot of gamers and critics alike. If this kind of game suits you, go and give Shadow Warrior 2 a try.  

7. The Walking Dead Season 2

If you’re familiar with the famous The Walking Dead series, then you know what this game is about. Developed by Telltale Games, The Walking Dead Season 2 is an episodic adventure game that continues the story of the orphan named Clementine, who must fend for herself in order to survive in a world that’s gone mad. What makes this game interesting is its highly interactive storyline as the players’ actions in the game change how the story goes. Play The Walking Dead Season 2 now and see how the story will work out for you based on your decisions.

8. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

From the developers of We’re Five Games comes a hilarious action game that involves ragdoll physics simulation elements in an interactive sandbox world. In Totally Reliable Delivery Service, your mission is simply to deliver many packages safely and on time. Despite its simple gameplay, you need to be ready for the challenges and obstacles that come in your way. Nevertheless, TRDS is a fun simulation game that’s full of humor and surprises.

Although these games are not entirely new, most of the games on this list are highly praised by both players and critics for its enjoyable and fun gameplay. Therefore, these games should be on your playing list. Try and see it for yourself by downloading and playing these XCloud games for free at


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