My favorite Lash brands and styles from Sephora:

I get my false eyelashes from Sephora only, as they banned real hair and real mink lashes. This conscious decision of makeup Giant is what turned me into a loyal customer. Now Sephora keeps only cruelty free and vegan lashes.

I have been using fake lashes for years now. When you use a product for this long, you sort of become a pro at it. I had to try and test multiple products before finding out what works for me best. I have compiled a list of my favorite lashes from Sephora.


My favorite brand for false eyelashes is Velour. I love this brand for it is over the top, high-end packaging. If I ever decide to start a false eyelash business, I would want to know from where the Velour outsources its eyelash boxes on wholesale as the brand sells their products at very economical prices despite its elite looking lash boxes.

Effortless kit – No Trim – Natural Lash Collection:

This is a three in one kit, you don’t have to shop for different products; just buy one kit and you’re good to go. The lash style is natural. These are very easy to use which makes them perfect for first-time lash users. The lashes don’t need any trimming or cutting and they mix up completely with the natural lash line. These lashes are for you if you like to wear falsies every day and don’t like a dramatic look.

Velour is a 100% cruelty-free brand; all their lashes are synthetic. The kit retails for $29 and you get a set of lashes, too easy to apply lash applicator, and white, latex-free lash adhesive.

Velour lashes Silk lash collection

These lashes retail for $26 and instead of faux mink, are made up of silk. These lashes are ultra-soft, lightweight, and can be worn up to 20 times. Lash style is natural and three-dimensional. These lashes come with a thinner, flexible, and lighter lash band that is made up of non-irritating cotton material. Their easy application makes them one of my top two.

These come in five different styles

  • Fluff’n Thick
  • Trust Me, Try It
  • Fluff’n Edgy
  • Fluff’n Whispie, and
  • Momma Knows Best

The Glamoureyes Kit:

In addition to their more natural-looking lashes, Velour came up with their glamorous designed lashes that are perfect for high volume dramatic style. This is also a three in one kit that comes with lashes, an applicator, and adhesive. In just $29 you get:

  • Mini too easy lash applicator
  • Deluxe latex-free clear lash adhesive, and
  • The dramatic 3D lashes

The best thing about this kit is that the adhesive lasts for the whole day. The product is of course cruelty-free.

Huda beauty:

Huda Beauty is known for its high-end cosmetics but the product that the makeup mogul started with was false eyelashes. These lashes have always been and still are the trademark of the brand. Huda Beauty is known for its great eye products, be it lashes, eye shadow pallets, or eyebrow kits.

Huda beauty Hoodie False lashes:

These lashes retail for $19 and are extremely fluffy. These lashes are one of the most voluminous and long falsies there can be. They have a light, soft, flexible cotton band and are made up of synthetic mellow fibers. The best thing about these lashes is they’re suitable for all eye shapes. 


Tarte might be famous for its concealers and foundations but they also make some of the best false eyelashes. The brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Lele Pons x Tarte Cruelty-Free Lashes:

These lashes have a clear Flexi band, made up of extremely comfortable cotton material. They’re perfect to wear for longer durations. Lashes are vegan and cruelty-free and this is what puts them on my list of favs. Lashes are designed by online creator and influencer Lelepons; It’s a collab product.

Anastasia Beverly Hills:

This is one brand that is known for its wide range of high-quality eyeshadow palettes. They have come with false eyelashes to complement the looks created using those eyeshadows.

Norvina false lashes:

These lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, and the packaging is made up of recycled material. It checks all the boxes for a thoughtful and eco-conscious product. Lashes are natural-looking with a flexible, cotton band that is almost undetectable. The lashes blend easily with the natural lash line

Lily lashes:

I know many of you will wonder how this brand ended up falling in this list when they have been marketing their real mink lashes as cruelty-free. The brand has still to comment on the controversy. Still, lily lashes have made a distinct name for themselves because of the great quality, and design of their products. Their lashes are without a doubt the best in the market but if you are against animal cruelty then you can try their synthetic mink lashes.

Triple the glam eyelash kit:

This is my go-to kit when I need to wear falsies for 12-hours or more. This set comes with

  • 3D Rome lashes
  • A high-performing mascara, and
  • High performing, latex-free adhesive

You get lashes, mascara, and lash adhesive all in one. The lashes add dramatic volume yet are surprisingly lightweight. There is no irritation or drying even with extended wear time. These lashes retail for $34 and every cent is justified. The cotton band is flexible, soft, and light. It adjusts with the natural lash line.

I try not to buy these lashes until it is an absolute necessity, as after LASIK my eyes get dry easily.


Based on my selection, I concluded that I like lashes that:

  • Come with a high-quality lash applicator
  • Come with a transparent, non-toxic, strong lash adhesive
  • Are natural looking
  • Are cruelty-free and vegan

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