We Are On Exams: 7 Tricks To Take Them Better

Being on exams means that we spend a thousand hours a day sitting in the same position, we are tired, stressed and, surely, annoyed with ourselves for not having started studying earlier. We may hate one or more subjects that we have to examine ourselves and we may even hate the teachers who teach them. Yes, it is not pleasant to be on exams, but you have to resist. Here are seven tricks to make the study more bearable:

  1. Start with the difficult

You have to take advantage of the morning pull to prepare well for your exams. We may be sleepy, but our head works much better in the early hours of the day, so that is the time to get on with the complicated subjects or with the most difficult subjects. In the afternoon or at night, when we are already exhausted, it is time to get down to the easy thing or what we like best.

    2.Change your position

Sometimes we don’t notice how stiff our bodies are until we get up. Changing your chair, position, or reading aloud while walking around the room will help reduce the level of physical fatigue. So many days in the same position deteriorate our back. A little movement will help us to have less muscle and headaches. If we are one of those who lose track of time, we just have to set an alarm every hour and a half to warn us that it is time to stretch our legs.

  1. Exercise on breaks

Yes, you still want to lie down to watch TV, but rest will be much more effective (although it may seem incredible) if in that half hour of break we spend 15 minutes jogging around the block or pedaling on the bike. A little cardio prepares us perfectly for the next round of study and we will do the exams better.

  1. Eat well

It is very necessary to eat well. All students know from experience that, during exam time, we can stay alive on pizza, buns and potato chips, but if we want our brain to perform, we must give it a good fuel. For a while and cook, which then you will yield more.

  1. Sleep the necessary hours

As overwhelmed as we are with exams, we need to sleep. If we go to bed as soon as we finish studying, even if we are exhausted, we will not sleep well because the head will continue to go a thousand an hour. We must calculate a disconnection time before sleeping if we want to rest. Ideally, we should do something we like to disconnect as a reward for our daily effort: go for a walk with someone, watch a movie at the cinema, dance for a while … Of course, no hooking up until the late hours, you lose the rhythm.

  1. Innovate with study techniques

The monotony deconcentrates us and we end up having to go back because suddenly we discover that we have been reading for a while without knowing anything. According to ghostwriter for hire if we change study techniques, we force ourselves to be aware of what we are doing and the performance will be more effective and entertaining.

  1. Reward yourself

You are working like a beast. You deserve a reward (in addition to the immaterial prize of your education and your future and your grades and all that we already know). As these days you are not going to spend much, take the opportunity to buy something you wanted for a long time or to do a mini-trip or something to reward yourself for your dedication and see light at the end of the tunnel. If the effort is for something more tangible and immediate, it may cost us less work to put on.

I encourage everyone!

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