How to spend your first day on a cruise?

There is nothing like cruises that give you a fresh perspective of traveling and holidaying in the country. From sailing on the luxurious Mumbai to Goa cruise to meandering through the dense and striking Sunderbans, people are rushing to experience the world on the sea. And no matter, either it’s your first or the tenth time on the cruise, the starting day is where all the fun begins and should not get ruined. So, to help the voyagers have a fabulous and flawless first day on the cruise, here are a few things to do:

  1. Explore the ship

The beauty of cruising is it is spacious and packed with loads of amenities. So, on the very first day, you can get your spying goggles on and scroll through places. Decide where to eat, where to dance, and where to unroll. Accommodations and fun zones can be located on different decks, so taking an informal tour gives a kickstart to the journey. Also, you can preplan what you are going to do for the rest of the time on the cruise. For example, Angriya, the prominent Mumbai to Goa cruise, has a sea of entertaining options. The things to look out for are:

  • Popular Spots
  • Dining areas
  • Hangout areas
  • Quiet places
  • Kid zones/ clubs
  • Pools
  • Lounge
  1. Stay in touch

Let your close ones know that you have boarded the cruise because the network could drop as you go farther in the sea.

  1. Meet the cruise team

It makes your trip convenient and hassle-free that you know the staff who could help you throughout the trip, from making your room to providing all facilities. You can count on the cruise team at times of crisis and for answering your questions.

  1. Reserve your space on the deck

The best space on the cruise to unwind with the backdrop of picturesque sky and sunset are the decks. It can be crowded and that’s why, you can enquire and book the space for an amazing view of the sea. For example, the Angriya cruise has three open decks, Monkey Deck, Gaaz Deck, and Swimming Pool Deck, offering a splendid view, glorious sunshine, and calm breeze.

  1. Make your bookings

Since the holiday is all about relaxing and enjoying, take advantage of all the amenities available. While researching for booking the cruise tickets, you would have perhaps learned everything about the cruise — and exactly know about the onboard activities and shore excursions. Some places need prior booking or it might have slipped your mind during getting tickets for the cruise. At facilities like spa, you must pre-book to avoid delays and any inconveniences later. Rejuvenate your soul, revive your body and mind, and feel recharged from day one.

Other places that demand booking are:

  • Parlors
  • Kid club
  • Gyms
  1. Check out dining options

Food can make or break your experience on the cruise. Either you are a foodie or not, you can’t help yourself but explore the dozens of eateries, bars, and cafes around. Every dining options has their USPs, few with gorgeous views, while others have an endless all-inclusive menu. With three exotic restaurants and five bars on Angriya, you can find something that suits your taste.

Some Valuable Tips:

  • Do not hurry and rush to the buffet as you arrive; wait for the crowd to leave and then relish the flavors in peace.
  • Ditch those formal apparel and switch to your cruise clothes to stroll with ease.
  • Take loads of pictures, but don’t indulge in unwanted/ extraordinary tactics.
  • It is mandatory to take part in muster drills, which are held half an hour after the voyage commences.

Now that you have covered every corner of the cruise on the first day itself and decided your episodes of fun beforehand, you can finally say, “Hurrah! I am on a vacation!”


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