Understanding the Benefits of Safety Flooring in Schools

A common tension that worries all the parents around the globe is: – Is my kid safe at the school? Well, if you are also one of such parents, we have a piece of good news for you. The modern-day schools are committed to focusing on everything. Ranging from your kid’s innovative learning, and his utmost safety. Apart from their security, schools are focusing on safety flooring for children in the playground, and risk-prone areas.

If you don’t have any ideas about this modern technology, we are here to help you.

What is safety flooring?

Safety flooring is a soft and porous floor that is made of recycled rubber. It provides a safe surface for the children to play while exercising or playing on the swings. Also, it is much safer than any normal floor made of cement and asphalt.

Installing safety flooring in your school’s playgrounds brings along several benefits that you will know in the next section of this blog.

Exciting Benefits of Safety flooring inside schools

A-Grade Hygiene

Safety flooring is easier to maintain as compared to standard cement floors as they can be easily cleaned with the help of mops, and brushes. Whereas, normal floors require a lot of cleaning, and scrubbing as dust and bacteria tend to stick with it.

Also, normal floors encourage younger children to play with dust and a lot of bacteria that may cause them to get sick. Whereas, porous rubber flooring prevents the growth of microbial bacteria and prevents infection as well.


The material used in safety flooring is made of porous rubber with inter-connected particles that prevent the children from slipping, especially near the wet areas. Also, it cushions kids against falls near high-fall areas.

Whereas, normal floors may have particles of dust that may cause the children to slips and seriously injured.

Aesthetically Attractive

If you decide to install safety flooring in your school, you get the option of choosing from different colours for the safety floors. You may choose from red, blue, yellow, pink, and various other colours that may attract the kids, and encourage them to play outside rather than playing with their phones.

Also, you may choose from different designs and themes like the butterfly pattern, cartoons, and various options that you do not get with normal flooring.

If you are interested to know more about safety flooring for your schools or need a custom quote, you may browse through the Premier Play Solutions website to get more information. Their experts are trained to install the safety flooring in a quick and sturdy manner, so the day-to-day activities of your school do not get disturbed.

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