How Visitor Management Systems Can Keep Your Workplace Free From COVID-19

Instead of yearning for pre-pandemic situations to completely return, a new normalcy is established around daily life for protection and workplace safety. Most organizations have established risk assessments, redesigned workplaces, and hygienic protocols.

Along with these measures, another important preventive step is set to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace; such is the use of modern technology called Visitor Management System.

To briefly explain, a visitor management system is a digital method of the old-fashioned front desk registrations. This is done with the absence of sometimes crumpled sheets of papers, non-working pens, and good-looking live receptionists.

It’s a very convenient way of tracking visitors who enter your premises such as applicants, contractors, delivery boys, consultants, customers, or any of your employee’s guests. Security-wise, it’s highly-reliable but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can also keep your workplace contamination-free in the following ways:

It Eliminates Person-to-Person Interaction

The foremost risk to infectious diseases is around openly-accessible areas such as the front desk. Through a digital management system, risks are eliminated for your receptionists and visitors alike. The process is quite quick and of course, human-contact free.

Upon arrival, the visitor enters their information on a computer, snaps a photo, and digitally signs in. The employee they sought to visit will then be notified, eliminating both parties’ need to roam around just to see each other. In this case, the computer used for sign-in is a high-touch area but thankfully, disinfection could suffice.

Visitor Fields Allow Easier Contact Tracing

Contact-tracing is like finding a thread in a crowd. It’s causing chaos around some institutions with confirmed COVID-19 cases around their employees. But with the visitor management system, you can easily narrow down possible roots of transmission. In any case that one or some of your employees accumulate symptoms of the COVID-19, tracing their interactions will be easier through visitor tracking.

This system is especially important because it provides not only real-time and historical records of those who set foot on your premise but it also provides you with their necessary information. In situations where contact-tracing is needed, you’ll easily get a hold of suspected visitor’s name, company, and contact information. Afterward, finding their close contact for isolation is made clear through their digital records.

Custom Fields Can Acquire Additional Information

Check-in and check-out processes can be strictly monitored through customizable visitor fields. Extra information may be required before a visitor can proceed with their sign-in. Such additional information may ask them if they have ever experienced a fever or any COVID-19 symptoms. You may also ask them about their travel history (whether they were exposed to any high-risk areas.) Custom fields during check-outs may ask about the contact history of that visitor. All of this information is stored in the visitor’s log which is easily accessible if deemed necessary.

Strict Check-In Protocols Can Be Implemented

With a visitor system management app, you can put an agreement that will be displayed on the home screen. It asks a series of questions before visitors can proceed to sign in. An example of preventive questions that the agreement should contain are the following:

  • I am not exhibiting any flu or COVID-19 symptoms
  • I have not traveled to any high-risk areas in the last 7 days
  • I have not had any close contact with anyone who has shown COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days.
Preventive Measures Can Be Displayed On Check-In Buttons

Guests and employees alike, upon setting foot in the lobby, can be greeted with all the necessary steps to prevent COVID-19 spread in your workplace. Visitor system management apps allow you to play videos or display infographics that should educate everyone on essential safety tips. Such information can demonstrate proper sanitation, use of face masks, and prohibition of close contacts. It can also boast of your company’s measures to make your workplace a conducive place where anxiety and COVID-19 could not foster.

Key Takeaway

Covid-19 situations vary globally. While some are experiencing receding cases, some are still battling its surge. But what’s common is the anxiety amongst employees around workplaces, with some institutions forced to open even if the pandemic has not fully died down. This is when organizational leaders are forced to take safety measures.

Amongst those steps, a comprehensive visitor management system allows for strict check-in policies, easier trailing of visitor activity, and, thus, the best way to a COVID-19 workplace safety. 


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