How to Pick The Right Vitamins And Supplements For You

Our bodies go through a lot every day. We may think that we eat healthily enough, but are the nutrients we have enough? Vitamins and minerals help keep our bodies strong enough to fight diseases. It helps us heal our wounds, and strengthen our immune system. Vitamins are raw materials that our body needs to maintain our overall health. We get it from the food we eat, but sometimes we don’t get enough. That’s when we take vitamins and supplements.

There are so many types and brands in the market. You need to consider your lifestyle, sex, and age. How do you pick the right vitamins and supplements for you? Keep reading to know more.

Take a look at your food and lifestyle

Observe the food and drinks that you consume and record them in a notebook. What do you always eat? Is there a certain pattern to the food you eat? Maybe you eat more meat than vegetables or vice versa. What do you drink? How Is your coffee and alcohol intake? Do you smoke?

Some diets prioritize eating one type of food more than others. For example, vegans prefer vegetables and do not eat animal meat and by-products. If you have a dairy allergy, you will surely avoid eating eggs and drinking milk. A Ketogenic and low-carb diet is all about eating more meat and fat than carbohydrates. Or maybe you’re a fruitarian that’s why you don’t consume other types of food.

Notice how you feel. Are you always out of energy? Are you having stomach problems? Do you experience heartburn in your daily life? Taking a step back to observe what you eat, feel, and how you live in the first way of picking the right vitamins and supplements for you. It is better to keep a diet plan so you can track what you eat.

Analyze the vitamins and minerals you lack

After taking a look at your diet, you may notice that you lack certain vitamins and minerals. If you are vegan, then your diet may lack vitamin b12 and calcium. If you are on a ketogenic plan then you may have neglected to add fiber into your diet. If you are a fruitarian, you may be missing out on omega 3 fatty acids. Analyze the vitamins and minerals that you lack so you can pick the right ones to supplement your diet.

Find vitamins that are made for your specific sex and age group

People from different sex and age group have different nutritional needs. People aged 50 and above may need to supplement their vitamin D and B12 because their bodies start to absorb less of both as they age. On the other hand, children will only be allowed to take less dosage of vitamin C than an adult. Pregnant and breastfeeding women may need more.

Pregnant women may need prenatal vitamins, but men won’t benefit from taking these. Women need more calcium than men because they are 5 times more likely to develop osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones. Remember to find the right vitamins for your sex and age to maximize effectiveness.

Look for a good brand

Not all brands produce the same quality of vitamins and supplements. There are so many manufacturers in the market and it can be hard to choose. There are also many forms such as liquid, capsule, or gummy. Do your research and always look for credible and reliable brands.

Talk to your doctor

Take a look at your health. Are you pregnant, sick, or have a restrictive diet? When you have a health condition, you may need medical attention more than other people. There may be certain vitamins that you need more than others.

In order to be sure, it is always recommended to talk to a health professional about taking vitamins and supplements. They will be able to diagnose what you lack and recommend a suitable dosage. Remember to check with your doctor before starting with a vitamin and supplement regimen.

Key Takeaway

Picking the right vitamins and supplements for you may be hard at first because there are so many things to consider and so many brands to choose from. Observe the food that you eat, your lifestyle, and analyze what vitamins you lack before buying. Look for vitamins that are made for your sex and age.

Remember to consult a health professional before starting a vitamin and supplement regimen. Take the prescribed amount and dosage when adding vitamins and supplements on top of your diet. Aim for a balance of both to ensure that you have the required amount of nutrients you need. Picking the right vitamins and supplements for you will bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle.


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