Types of Real Estate Property

The real state of Pakistan has a large contribution to its economic growth. The value of a country’s real estate assets represents between 60 and 70 percent of the country’s overall income, according to World Bank figures; if such statistics are extended to Pakistan, the approximate scale of the real estate market will be $300 to $400 billion. In 2019, real estate did not perform well, due to many financial, economic, and political challenges. Yet, there are strong expectations that real-sector growth in 2020 would be large.

Real state investment in Pakistan requires growing ways and shapes, so it can be a lucrative means of making a profit. If you are looking to venture into the real estate business sometimes early, knowing the specific styles of real estate property in Pakistan is perfect for you.

When you choose to make a big investment in real estate, you’ll need to know the kind of properties you choose to invest in. Every type of property will have a unique set of factors to evaluate how well it performs as an investment.

Residential Properties

 Residential property – also called residential real estate – is Pakistan’s most common form of real estate. Residential properties are specifically used for residential uses, as the name implies, and they can be purchased, sold, or rented for the same purpose. The joint-family homes are the most popular type in Residential Property. The homeownership in Pakistan, is hands down, the largest and most important investment in their lives. Many of them spend their days planning for a house that suits our family needs. Homeownership is not only a benefit but also a liability.

In the country’s major cities, many investors prefer to invest in residential properties and vertical units because of its relatively low-risk level, popularity, lack of competition, convenient management, and easy maintenance.

Commercial Properties 

Commercial properties may be vacant ground for commercial use or new commercial structures or houses. Commercial real estate comprises retail centers and shopping centers, medical and residential facilities, hotels, and offices. Basically, any land used to produce profit falls under the group of commercial properties.

Vacant Land

Within the real estate market, farm and ranch specialists have long been very popular. It is essential for prospective buyers and sellers to understand the specific buying requirements and inclinations. Land rights also include rights to air, to the surface, and to the subsurface. Within vacant land, the subcategories include undeveloped, early development or reuse, subdivision, and assembly of sites.

In some areas, vacant land commands a higher commission percentage, though this is declining in frequency. There are few validations for higher commissions as the land prices and values have risen. 

Industrial Properties 

Industrial real estate applies to property and buildings used by manufacturing businesses for operations such as factories, mechanical engineering, research and production, design, shipping, logistics, and warehousing. Industries are generally referred to as a category of commercial real estate Pakistan, as their primary purpose is to produce revenue from the selling or delivery of products. Such buildings will typically be designed to match their use. For instance, high ceilings, loading zones and cranes can be needed.

Mixed-Use Properties

A mixed-use building is a form of commercial property that contains both a commercial and a residential building. It is a type of real estate that serves more than one purpose. The residential component makes up more square footage than the commercial part of the vast number of mixed-use property.

State-Owned or Special Purpose Properties 

The state-Owned property consists of federal, state, or local government-owned land or properties. It can also include government agencies or organizations funded by governments such as libraries or parks. Government-owned land is often referred to as ‘available’ properties, although this does not mean that all such property is open to all citizens. For example, it may be a government-owned army base or laboratory, but with highly restricted access. On the other hand, a public playground may be owned by a local government, and free to enjoy anyone.

Of the combination mentioned below, it can be anything:

  • Houses, Shops, and Offices 
  • Office and Houses 
  • Shops and Houses

Agricultural Properties

Most of the Agricultural resources are usually located in Pakistani rural regions. The greatest benefit of having an agricultural property is that it can be owned, leased, or rented, representing a varied influence on your land portfolio. They are used for crop or plant processing and cattle raising. Agricultural land is more or less a subset of commercial real estate, but in regulatory books the concept of agricultural property is different.

Agricultural properties can be subdivided further into the following categories:

  • Cultivation Farm
  • Forests
  • Orchard

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