Website Redesign Process: Your Website Redesign Strategy In 5 Steps

Your bottomline can be hurt if the design of your website is poor or outdated. No matter if your company is a small company or a large company but it is very essential that the website of your trade is yielding valuable results. It is a fact that after a certain period of time some of the business websites become useless to us and can not profit our business. In those situations, you have to redesign your site.

If you are running a trade then you can be identified online if you have built a site for the trade. If the site leaves a good impression on the visitors visiting it, then they can be attracted towards the business.

It is not so easy to redesign a site. A good strategy and concerned approach are the 2 requirements if you want to redesign a site.

Now I will tell you the 5 steps to redesign a website.

1.First check the current website – The current website’s audit is the initial step if you are going to redesign a site. After analysing the current site, you can easily understand the requirements of the site. You have to check if there are any links present in the site that are broken or any inconsistencies present in its design. Also see if images are responsive or unresponsive.

For seeing the performance of the pages of the website you should check its Google Analytics. To find if there is something present on the pages of the site that is not working, you should see these pages in the option of Google Analytics known as traffic metrics.

2.Identify the goals of your website that you want to fulfil – The goals of a site can usually be completed by its design. The functionality and organization of the site sometimes make the visitor so delighted that a lot of importance can be given to the website’s design.

First you must understand what are the goals of the company then you should start redesigning a site in order to fulfil those goals. As an example, if selling the items is the basic aim of a site then you should start designing it in a way so that the ecommerce pages are directly seen by the visitor first.

You can put interactive elements, images and videos on the site if you want visitors to remain engaged in the pages of the site.

The basic plan of website designing, a site can be created if the goals are identified successfully as these are helpful in finding functionality and elements of the site.

3.Always get inspired by your competitors – If you are copying the designs of the competitors then it is not good. But taking inspiration from the competitors can be very beneficial to you. This is because you and your competitors are performing the same trade. You can see the content used in those companies as well as their functionality.

4.Develop a map of the hierarchy of your website – The pages of the site can be classified if you create their hierarchy. After that you can involve yourself in redesigning the site.

There are sub-pages present within the main page of the site and there may be pages that are included in those sub-pages. You may be interested in creating designs for each of those pages. As an example, if you are interested in selling clothes for kids, ladies and gents then you need to make a site giving details about all these three kinds of clothes and include these details in the pages of the website while designing it. You can easily discover the various types of designs needed for the trade if a hierarchy of the pages of the site is created by you.

5.A company can be hired to redesign your website – While doing a particular trade, it can be very hard for you to think about any other thing. It will be very good for you if a professional website design company is hired by you for the purpose of redesigning your site. This company will assure you that the work will be completed in a very good way and then you will feel happy. The company will not only see the websites of the competitors but also develop a hierarchy of the pages of your site.

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