How Regulatory Issues are Impacting HME Billing at These Pandemic Times


A lot of companies dealing with Home care products have has a serious impact with COVID 19 running a riot! According to the companies like AA Home care, the situation this pandemic has brought forward is another example. On why CMS has to continue providing relief in 2021 for rural providers and should extend it to non-bid and non-rural providers.

As the HME (home medical equipment) industry is on the front lines, CMA has to keep the infrastructure viable at all means. Right from guidelines on use of PPE’s and necessary provisions while delivering items at the infected homes to managing a clear distancing between your office staff and logistics department, as a provider you might already be facing the heat.

It becomes imperative for you as a HME (home medical equipment) supplier to make the right approach when it comes to finding ways to improve your reimbursements, reducing your overall operational costs. Also, finding a reliable operational team that knows how to eliminate proven pain points in your revenue cycle can be an excellent strategy as your prepare the explore and expand in this volatile market.

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The value of qualified staffs

With the federal government looking to propose incentives for bringing back employees back to work. it cannot be denying that the scenes around are unprecedented and something. we all never thought of!

Unemployment rates are at an all-time high. It is pretty difficult to find able resources that have the ability to manage your daily practice management demands.

It will be critical for you at this juncture to find ways to reduce costs, finding ways to manage your front end work going with benefits checks of the patients , sales order creation and confirmations, following up with the doctor’s office and doing all the heavy lifting work for a smooth scheduling of delivery!

A quality HME billing team that works with you on a dedicated basis will be boosting. Your chances of getting paid more, reducing your daily costs in operations. and manage your financial viability in the best possible manner.

It may even help you in reducing your billing costs by 70% and hat too with 100% HIPAA compliance. It gives you the flexibility to focus on care while a team that understands the claims adjudication mandates offers you the right support in all proportions.

Unmatched with productivity even at distance

As social distancing becomes the prevalent norm all across the society, as a HME (home medical equipment) provider. You must invest cautiously on how you will be managing your resource allocation activities in the coming days. With a clear focus going on how to manage your daily inventory records to delivering the item at the customer door step. You need real sense on how you will be looking at possibilities of more revenue generation in the near future!

With a clear understanding on the changing protocols and regulations, a dedicated team working on your HME billing needs reduces your challenges and pain areas. It opens up possibilities of making more, yet not compromising on work for fear of transmission.


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