8 Best Free OCR Apps For Image To Text Conversion

Free OCR Apps

Back in the good old days taking notes meant writing down the main points in a book and keeping it safe for future usage. Then came the invention of ‘photocopy ‘ that enabled us to photocopy important pages. But now taking notes simply means taking photos with your smartphone device and converting it into editable text with free OCR tools or OCR apps.

What Is OCR and Why We Need Free OCR Tools?

The technology of Optical Character Recognition enables the transformation of paper documents or static images into editable PDF file formats. It is a conversion of a text comprising an image into an editable file that is digitally accessible.

It is widely useful to industry professionals, teachers, doctors, etc.OCR is carried out by scanning any document using a PDF scanner app and then saving it into either JPEG or PDF format. Such saved files are then processed by OCR wherein the numbers and letters are recognized and then converted into an editable word file or a PDF file format.

FlashScan is the best app for document scanning and image to text conversion. It generates clean and sharp scans in seconds.

  • Every type of document is scannable with FlashScan. It is a comprehensive PDF scanner app.
  • The built-in OCR offers an accurate image to text conversion.FlashScan’s OCR is a text extract expert. Users can further save the file as plain text or share it easily.
  • This free OCR app also translates text from English to other languages. 
  • It also reads Qr codes and Barcodes accurately. It offers post-scan filters that enrich the scanned results.
  • There are many other features such as -sort by save share or delete files and folders, etc.
Google Keep

Another free OCR tool in our list is -Google Keep. It is a well-known alternative to Evernote. It is the quickest way to offload ideas, thoughts, and to-dos without losing focus.

  • The powerful OCR technology literally scans millions of books for Google Books.
  • Once the image is captured, open the three-dot menu and select-“Grab image text”, now the OCR will automatically convert images to text.
  • You can search for any notes anytime and anywhere.
  • Users can group the notes and club it together for better organization.
Camscanner Free

Camscanner is one of the most famous free OCR apps. It comes with a free as well as a paid version. The free camscanner offers the below-mentioned features.

  • It digitizes all types of documents.
  • The OCR recognizes text in images and searches later properly.
  • With the premium feature, users can secure their important documents and scans.
  • It supports both Android and iOS devices.
Text Scanner 

Do you want the highest speed and highest quality together? Use Text Scanner. Because It is the fastest free OCR tool.

  • It converts an image into text with 100% accuracy.
  • It Supports photos of your album, bills, receipts, and all types of documents.
  • It is the only app that supports more than 50 languages.
Image To Text OCR

Image to text OCR is a PDF to text OCR free tool. As the app mentions-It is the most accurate OCR scanner app with 99%+ accuracy(Pro) and supporting most popular 30+ languages(Pro) in the world.

  • The app supports 30+ widely used languages in the world.
  • It also supports batch image scanning. However, a strong Internet connection is required for that.
  • The app offers 10 Pro OCR scan free in the first install and 5 Pro OCR scans free every day.
Text Fairy

Text fairy is an intuitive OCR scanner. It precisely converts an image into the text. Check out the features of this app that ranks it as one of the highest-rated free OCR tools.

  • Users can correct the viewpoint of an image.
  • The OCR is a powerful text extractor that also enables post text edits.
  • It recognizes printed text from more than 50 languages.
  • The app is free to use and it supports no ads in between.

It is an easy-to-use free OCR app that also works as a PDF scanner app. Prime Scanner can be used as a free camera scanner and free pdf scanner too.

  • It offers an unlimited number of scanned documents per day. Users can scan as many documents as they want.
  • Get a clean and high-quality image to PDF conversion with its OCR tool. (no watermarks).
  • It is a reef document scanner with unlocked OCR (text recognition) functionality
Smart Doc Scanner

The app turns your device into an intelligent scanner which allows you to digitize your documents in just a few taps.

  • The free OCR tool offers a flexible interface that allows users to process images with just a few easy steps.
  • The best edge detection in the market to quickly set the frames of your papers in real-time.
  • Support for Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to convert from image to text in more than 40 languages.

To sum up, we highly recommend downloading the FlashScan app that quickly converts your image into text.


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