The idea that – buying Instagram followers is illegal is a total misconception. Buying followers violate Instagram’s terms of service, but it is easy to restrict buying high-quality followers from a reputable seller. Buying Instagram followers is not illegal and it is more likely that you are banned from social media platforms.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

The purchase of Instagram followers is not just about start-ups and wannabes. In addition, politicians, celebrities, and high profile brands are buying their followers to count on fake followers.
Brands like Pepsi and Mercedes-Benz were caught beefing up their numbers and even hip hop Mogul P Diddy was captured buying followers. In the world of Instagram, hiring fans and fans buying photographers is as common.

Users buy Instagram followers because they believe that many people judge the size of an account before following. Nowadays, it is a common metric used by brands to measure their marketing efforts. Recently models and actresses were taken not on the basis of their talent or look but on the number of Instagram followers.

Buying a few thousand followers to start your account is a great way to encourage people to check your brand. The process of purchasing Instagram followers is inexpensive and easy.

How do you buy Instagram followers?

First of all, being able to tell the difference in buying followers and Instagram automation is important.
Instagram automation is the act of allowing a robot to like and comment on your behalf. With these types of activities, Instagram can also suspend your account.

Buying a follower on Instagram is a different type of service. You connect your account to the service provider, pay them, and watch your audience grow. A quick search on the Internet will bring you to a large list of companies that often purchase this follower’s service.

Some companies offer this service cheaply but in this business you get what you pay for. Using the offers of such companies can lead to bots and zombie accounts (once a real account that has been occupied by bots due to inactivity or hacks) to your account.

How companies charge to buy active followers

Some more reputable companies charge upwards of $ 1,000 for 10,000 followers but these followers will be legitimate active accounts that will naturally interact with your content and account. The 2016 figures show that companies average $ 2.95 for 100 followers and $ 250 for 50,000. If you choose the less preferred option to use bot automation fees, the cost will be $ 2.99 to $ 99.99 per month.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers?

The issue of buying Instagram followers Malaysia is not just a moral issue. These followers are nothing more than a number on your profile. They will not like any of your posts and will leave no comments, which means that your post may get lost in the new Instagram algorithm.

If a loyal follower or a journalist has a collection of fake and inactive accounts after you, it will completely lose your credibility. This is especially risky if you are a brand or a business, it can make you lose all integrity. As a small start-up, this may not seem like an issue but it may happen in the future when you are a large company.

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Instagram detects the fraudulent activity of buying followers

Instagram has a team of employees, whose entire work is dedicated to detecting fraudulent activity. If the team detects an issue, your account will be marked and suspended. In the worst-case scenario, they can completely terminate your account. Small-scale shopping options, such as 100 followers at a time, will reduce the risk of being flagged. Since 2014, more than one million fake followers have been purged from accounts. This is why your favorite celebrity’s follower account may have suddenly collapsed.

Instagram bots can be seriously dangerous

The worst-case scenario is that Instagram bots can cause a PR disaster for your company. These bots will leave fake positive comments on your post, ‘Love it’, ‘Wow’, and ‘Great job’. This is a great option if you are posting a new product. But it may seem mismatched if you are posting about a celebrity’s death or personal tragedy. An ardent enthusiast commenting marking the death of David Bowie


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