CBD Vape Pen Common Problems and Solutions

Have you ever tried to vape and then found out t your vaping device isn’t working?? That can be really frustrating. CBD vape pens, like any other mechanical device, may develop some issues and stop working properly at some point. However, when this happens, it doesn’t mean you should just discard the vape pen and pick up a new one. Many of the most common problems that CBD vape pens develop have simple solutions. Read these simple troubleshooting techniques and common solutions to apply to your CBD vape pen whenever it develops an issue.

Vape Pen Isn’t Turning On

Are you trying to power on your CBD vape pen but it isn’t coming on? That can be happening for several reasons:

Your vape pen is off

A fully charged vape pen that isn’t coming on is probably switched off. Many CBD vape pens come with a predefined function that turns them off completely to prevent them from discharging if they’re accidentally powered on.

How can this be fixed? Press the power button repeatedly five times. The vape pen will power on.

Battery life is over

The lifespan of most CBD vape batteries is two to three years. Depending on how you use them, though, some don’t last that long. So, your vape pen won’t turn on if you have a dead battery.

Try charging the battery, and if it’s not charging, replace the batteries If you use a vape pen with inbuilt batteries, get a new device.

The battery cover is not closed properly

Your CBD vape pen may not turn on if the battery cover is not closed properly. Some vape pens need the battery door properly closed to complete the circuit, so ensure your device is properly closed.

Dirt is blocking the connection

Sometimes, vape oil leaks into the battery connector and blocks the circuit. Check the vape pen and the battery connector for dirt and impurities. Clean the dirt with a clean tissue and turn on your vape pen.

Your device is damaged

Did your CBD vape pen fall in water before it stopped working properly? It’s probably damaged as a result of the water coming in contact with the internal connections. Try drying the vape pen and if it’s still not turning on, get a new one.

CBD Vape Pen is Giving Out a Burnt Taste

This is one of the most common problems with vape pens. If your CBD vape pen is giving you a burst taste, there are several things you can do to prevent it. Here are some common reasons why a vape pen will  give you a burnt taste:

  • The atomizer head needs to be replaced
  • The atomizer head needs to be cleaned
  • You vape almost immediately you fill a new tank
  • The voltage variable of the vape pen is set too high

The most common solution is to these problems is to clean the atomizer head continuously and replace it when cleaning no longer helps. Also, try turning down the voltage it still gives you a burnt taste.

 Your Vape Pen Battery Isn’t Charging

If your vape battery isn’t charging, what should you do?

Make sure it’s on: If you have trouble charging your battery, ensure it’s turned on. To do this, press the power switch five times consecutively.

Charging lights: If the charger shows a red light, it means the battery is charging.  If the charger indicator is green, it means that the battery is fully charged.

Other reasons why your vape batter Isn’t charging

  • There’s CBD oil on the firing pin
  • The firing pin is blocked
  • The firing pin isn’t making contact with the charger
  • The charger may be faulty

My Battery Life Is Short

If your CBD vape pen’s battery doesn’t last as long as it should, here are some of the causes:

You’re overcharging the battery

Overcharging your battery will shorten the lifespan of your battery.

The battery is discharged continuously

To prolong the battery life, do not completely discharge the battery before charging. A battery that is not fully discharged requires less charge than a fully discharged battery. Charging a fully discharged battery puts it under pressure and shortens its life.

You leave your CBD vape pen on often

Like every other electrical equipment, vape pens absorb energy when switched on, even when not in use. This will shorten the battery life. Increase the battery life by turning off the vape pen when not in use.

The CBD vape battery is dirty

Sometimes, CBD oil leak debris can contaminate your vape battery. When the battery is dirty, it will need more power to turn on the vape pen, as dirt weakens the connection. Clean the battery regularly to remove spilled oil and extend its life.

Final Take

These are some of the most common problems developed by vape pens. Fortunately, these problems can be solved with a few DIY steps. Keep in mind that you must handle these issues cautiously to avoid short circuits and potential explosion.

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