What’s the difference between Juuls and Vapes

The vaping world is exploding and to be honest, it is not that easy to keep up with the latest trends. With over 3.8 million youths recorded to have vaped in 2018 alone across the United States, this is surely a young adult thing. You know one thing that teens love? Trends.

Now, vaping vs juuling is fast turning out to be the latest trends. However, many of us still do not understand what these two are all about especially with the latter. In this article, we shall be having a deeper look into these two as we dig into their differences and similarities.

Shouldn’t we do this one ata time?

What is vaping

For some time now, the term vaping has grown in popularity among the old and the young. So whats vaping? For newbies, vaping refers to an electric way of inhaling a liquid or solid by heating to produce vape.

Vapes or vaporizers consist of four components that we will look at below

  1. Cartridge or cart- This is the reservoir tank that is used to hold what is to be vaped. It can be in liquid or solid compatible depending on the design.
  2. Battery – As already noted, vapes are electric. The battery takes the function of providing the electric energy used to heat the cartridge and its components.
  3. Atomizer- You want to use a battery to generate heat? You’ll surely need a heating element and in your vaporizer, you got this in the name of an atomizer.
  4. Mouthpiece- This is the part that is used to direct the vapor produced into the mouth for proper inhaling.

To many of us, vapes are generally anything that uses a battery and atomizer to produce vapor from the components of the cartridge. As much as this is true, you’ll find that juuls too have nearly the same makeup. Now you can understand why many vaping enthusiasts fail to clearly distinguish between the two.

So before we go into what juuls are all about, here are some stand out features of a vaporizer that you’ll not find in a typical Juul.

Vaporizers are big in size. Do you know what this means?

  • A bigger cartridge which will, in turn, means a bigger capacity to have more vaping juice or a cannabis flower
  • A bigger atomizer for producing those big clouds of vape when needed. They will also produce easily detectable flavors
  • A bigger battery coupled with a bigger cartridge will give you a longer service in between charging.
  • The vaporizer provides a more customizable vaping experience. However, for greenhorns, getting the optimum best out of vaporizers may be daunting.

Time to have a look at what juuls are.

What is Juuling

As a teen, you will always want to have fun in your own small way. That is what juuling offers which explain why juuling is a favorite among teens. They are discrete and serve the purpose of vaping pretty well.

Wait, did vaping come in when talking about juuls?

Well, it is not a mistake. Juuling is another way of vaping, in fact, it is a new vaping trend that settles well with younger vaping enthusiasts. Just like vaporizers, juuls will don a cartridge and a battery.

Now, for your first distinguishable feature for juuls, they use a pod set up to hold and heat for vapor production. Yes, vaporizers use a cartridge, atomizer, and battery. For juuls, the cartridge is aligned to snap into a battery.

The pod system in juuls is meant to achieve one main feature that sets juuls and vapes apart, the size. Juuling is the act of using a juul to vape. The juul is a brand that is behind this trend. As many will tell you, juuls are smaller size vaporizers.

Here is why juuls are a teen favorite

  • Juuls are smaller in size providing the following advantages
    • More discrete vaping with the smaller size, not that strong flavor in the vape produced and of course smaller clouds of vapes.
    • Small in size means better portability
    • Overly, it is easier to vape using a juul than a vaporizer. The juul has lesser components which will translate to easier use and troubleshooting. Youll realize that juuls will only need you to draw out of your mouthpiece. Vaporizers will require switching it on and in some advanced designs, selecting your vaping experience.

Your take

Juuls are a trend in vaping. They are produced by a brand that created a new simpler way to vape. Vapes, on the other hand, give you a custom vaping experience with lots of ability.


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