8 Intriguing Bedroom Designs of 2020

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Your bedroom is one of the most important part of your house! It’s a place where you can just lay down, relax, and escape the troubles of your life by slowly slipping away in a deep slumber. But what happens when the bedroom you so cherish ends up being uncomfortable? What happens when your favorite part! Sleep, just becomes a way to create more anxiousness, and soreness in your body? You will be annoyed in every way right! Well if you seem to face these problems then it’s about high time you get an upgrade.

Since its 2020 you can’t just change your mattress to get a good night’s rest the environment in your bedroom can also play a vital role in helping you sleep. Well, today we have picked out the best designs to implement in your room. The designs send out the perfect aura that helps you sleep more peacefully, and more admirably. So, without further ado scroll down below and take a look at our selections.

The Dim and Snowy Bedroom!

When it comes to sleep every person will always recommend that you lay down in a room with dim lights, and just drift off to slumber. The dim and snowy bedroom concept is quite unique and apprehensive for most people, falling down in the same category as the black and white bedroom. The dim and snowy contrast can bring about the serenity of you laying under a lit night sky while surrounded by peace and beautiful snow. For some people it can be a trigger to relax, and for some it may also be considered as the perfect place to just stay and forget memories. So, in the list of bedroom styles this takes the top roll without a doubt.

The Passé Realm Style!

Passé translated from retro is quite a unique, and fun design for people that like a cozy environment surrounding them, it’s super stylish and the perfect pick for those that love to add vibrant colors on their walls. You can add a few meadow prints on the ceiling or at the front of your door, just to wake up looking at a beautiful scenery, and after that you can also add a king-size bed with the most comfortable mattress to get the feeling of laying on a soft bed of grass. But if you really want to spice up things even more, try to make it look more stylish. Then no retro style is completed without a slight hint of velvet furnishings, and lava lamps.

Abstract Aristocracy Style!

For the people that love space, and have an interest in how things unfold as the stars tend to clash with one another. For the people who always have these unique set of thoughts in their mind, the Abstract Aristocracy style is the perfect way to go. Your room should really define the perspectives you have in mind and as aristocrats that dream of exploration. Certain abstract paintings can truly brighten up the environment around your room. Even you yourself will be astonished each time you wake up, or walk in to your room. Since the term abstract applies to the painting and décor you will know that it will depict the thought you have at that time. Continuously changing and adapting to your mindset.

A Pallid Bedroom!

Your bedroom must consist of a balance between elegance, and tranquilance. Why? Because elegance makes the room look brighter, and shiner for the guests that you may have over, the tranquility makes it more feasible for you to rest in a single place; A Pallid Bedroom is the way to achieve both of these things in a single attempt. Transform your personal abode by adding a mellow colored wall, a canopy bed with some representable artwork, and a pastel of colors sprayed on different parts of the room. Just to add a touch of uniqueness.

Scandinavian Styled Bedrooms!

Since most people like to keep their bedroom minimalistic, fabulous, and functional on the premises. That it caters to the only necessities they have, we have selected to put the Scandinavian style bedroom in our list of top 10 bedrooms. The Scandinavian bedroom styles are consistently the rising star in the world of furnished bedrooms. It can be created in any way you may like, retractable beds, a work space built separately to cater your need, and even an in-built walk in closet so you have a ton of extra space to work with.

Palm Springs!

Spring vacations are one we all long for at any given season, why? Because it is the best time of our lives, and nothing can even come close to the memories we make on this simple occasion, so in 2020 why don’t we just bring those memories right back to our bedrooms. If you are truly looking to revamp the décor around your bed maybe hanging up some top-notch palm trees around the balcony, or even painting them as a contrast on the back of your bed. Can really make every step in your room reminiscent about the memories of the past.

The Sublime Peacock Colors!

Just as the rainbow takes you back into the days of happiness from your childhood, the sublime peacock colors set in different arrays within the room can also bring out the soothing coziness of your house. Adding these variation of colors with a painting of the majestic bird that’s the nature’s true beauty is just the perfect thing for you to relax and feel at ease while falling asleep after a stressful day at work.

Modernizing the Mid-Century Lifestyle!

Mid-Century a time of the kings, a time of posh furniture, and a time where abstract murals were made to show a sense of pride among others. Applying this texture of the mid 50’s in your bedroom just might be the next big change you need in your life, if you want to treat yourself like royalty. You might as well be living like one too, and you know the best thing about living like they did in mid-50 is that you don’t have to pay a ton of money for those fabulous lamps, and abstract walls, or even the murals. All of them are easily within reach at pretty low rates nowadays.


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