What is Email marketing -How to do to Boost the business?

Communication is essential to maintaining relationships. In this way, email is a means of sharing things that help keep relationships alive and build trust. In commercial terms, this is called email marketing where it is being used for marketing purposes. But now it has become a compulsion because generating leads for business is very effective.

Is Email Marketing dead? We can’t say that. Nevertheless, it is one of the few marketing channels we can use to build trust between existing customers as well as reach more potential connections to sustain the business. This is an authentic way where we know who our target is.

Here is this 2018 report, Email Marketing is still working as an effective marketing channel in digital marketing.

What a mean of email marketing?

In short words what is email marketing? At the time, when you are sending the electronic message(e-mail) to your audience and clients for the purpose of promoting brands or selling products.

How to do email marketing?

After know that What is email marketing. To boost the business revenue, Emailing demands a strategy, it’s not just as we think easy. Before going ahead with the email marketing strategies or know that how can start email marketing?
You can start from here:

Create the list of:

The first task of email marketing is to create a list of who will be your target? Always keep in mind, Your list should have the right target or audience who are in seeking such like your service or products. For example, If you are a manufacture of medical products then in your list the doctors and medical stores should have.

Thus, you can generate the leads and convert them into your business only when you know where are more potential and let them be targeted.

To update your listing regularly, be sure to include it in your email marketing strategy

Hiring of the Email service provider(ESP):

It is a tool or technology or maybe a service agency that offers you to add recipients and send emails to them.
In addition, Some ESPs are free of cost, on the other side, they are supportive somewhere. For example Gmail, Yahoo, outlook, AOI, etc.

Note: you can hire SEO agency for email campaigning.

Motive of Email Marketing what should have?

We may have a question about email marketing like what for or when we can.
Even If you have or not an email marketing strategy. But Mainly following are the key points that should be the motive of email marketing.

Strengthening Relationships

We need to establish a direct connection to revive and keep strong our relationships. Other than Email, can not be another effective way.

Accelerate brand awareness

you alive through remind again and again your existing clients. Make a copy in the customer’s mind about your service. So they reach up to you when seeking your type of service.
Content Sharing and promote: If you know the taste of your clients or follower, It will help to category them. After that, you can easily share and promote, can get a higher ROI.

Generate leads

Email is a great platform to present your service/product with the feature, offer, etc. It can be a great opportunity to Convert a user into business directly.

How to Write the Content for Email Marketing

Opposite other marketing channels, email marketing is more personalized to the audience and targets them. The audiences have to see at least once when they will open the email list. So it forces us to be careful and to think. How to write content for an email to attract the audience.

Let’s know, some tips that can help to make an effective email marketing campaign.

Define your goal:

It is the first most task in an email marketing campaign. What is your aim such as the sale of service/product, brand promotion, event holding, generate traffic to a website, sharing of a blog, etc.

Lucid subject line

It leaves the first impression on the targeted user. Why? he to open the mail and to reach up to you. So, keep it in mind, The subject should define your brand and service.

Attractive headline:

It be at the starting of the email’s body part. Let the user know that he received the email is what about. Further, emphasize users let to read your email.

It should be related to content. So that, users can understand easily email motive. If He feels confused, can distract. It can stop his/them from reading your other email.

Engaging and relevant content:

What should have or What should not have in the email content. Which has the power to compel the user to call to action. So It must to learn that How to Write Content for Email Marketing. How to add the Infographics, images, blog or SM links, etc.

Whereas It is important to do for keeping the user’s interest on the peak. Other hands, He will be curious also to read next time.

Personalize the content:

When called by name like Hello bavan, It bringing familiarity. It means, may callor know about you. Try to make content such that the user feels it is for him. Content should be related to his, his needs, interests.

Call to Action:

All effort can go in vain. If you missed giving the right direction to users. A clear and minimum call to action buttons should have.
Maximum call buttons can confuse the users. As a result, he can go forward without a click on any.

So, in Email, Make sure CTA will guide the users correctly.

Highlight the Offers:

Most users don’t read the content of email, But scroll down to find that What has in the email content for them. Highlight What you offer for them. May it be the answers of, Why the read it and click on Call to action.

Email Automation:

In a day, How many emails we can send one by one. Few in numbers.
We need software or email tools that can speed up the email marketing campaign.
But before, Now the best practice of email automation tools, so that you can take the benefits of it.

Visibility on mobile:

A big chunk of users has on the mobile. So don’t miss the opportunity. Email’s content, design, content size, subject line, etc. should mobile friendly.

Limitations of Email Marketing

There are some limitations in email marketing and these can be overcome by having trained and experienced a staff who diligently works towards finding solutions for these issues:

  • Healthy infrastructure: A set of IP addresses that have not been blacklisted should be the healthy infrastructure set up from which to send your emails.
  • Mails going into spam and/or not being delivered: Email service providers have developed spam filtering so that users do not receive spam or fake mails. Simple steps will ensure that your brand is not affected and your mails do not end up as spam by ensuring that the customer has opted for the email, building your own email list, not sending too many emails, configuring a name the user will identify as your business/brand or is familiar with as the email sender or the “From”, using segmented lists as target audience so that content stays relevant as per segment, include a reply to in your email so that users reply to the email. Don’t use misguiding subject lines. Certain special characters also when included in the subject line can lead them into the spam folder.
  • Keeping a good and updated distribution list: Some customers who do not open the email should be moved from this list so that delivery rates are not affected. Other than that, when new users get added, some old users opting out, some have an email address change, name change, delivery details changed, so the person looking after the distribution list has to keep all these points in mind and work towards keeping an updated distribution list. Also give the user the opt-out option, which is better than the mails being unread or deleted by the users.
  • Good Email content and keeping your customer engaged: You need to know that the content is the main trigger for the email to be read or deleted. Good content is the key to the email being read and the customer being loyal to your brand. Continuous deletion of emails can lead to those emails being marked as spam.
  • Designing a good email that is clearly visible on any device: Most users view their emails on mobile nowadays. There is a trend to use images and GIFs in your emails. When working on such designs you need to ensure that it is easily viewable on any device.

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