5 Types Of Pulao Recipe You Should Try

Firstly, never ever say veg biryani. There is no such dish called veg biryani. Its pulao colored like the saffron color of the biryani. Once this is clear, let’s move on. Like many cuisines that crossed the borders to enter the Indian subcontinent, the recipes for biryani, tandoori and pulao are the most controversial. Rice is grown everywhere but how the region cooks and eats it depends on the spices available and palate of those region. But the pulao finds mention in our epics and life texts. No matter what the story is, every culture has taken up this rice dish and made it their own.

A fun fact: it is said that the Great Wall of China has rice porridge mixed with calcium and mortar as cementing. The strength of the rice is immense!

5 pulao recipes you must try

Many a times the vegetable pulao is passed off as vegetable biryani. And this is a common mistake made even by renowned restaurants, so the poor house cook cannot be blames for not knowing the difference between the two dishes. Firstly, biryani is predominantly a meat dish. Variations of vegetables and fish are found only in pulao recipe. The cooking technique of both these differs too. While the biryani rice is par boiled and drained, and then cooked over heat, the pulao rice is boiled in the broth allowing the grains to absorb the liquid.

That said, here’s 5 types of pulao you must try at least once!

  • Sweet pulao is, as the name suggests, has cashews and sugar added to it. This popular saffron milk soaked rice which is then cooked in clarified butter finds its fans in Bengal where many pujas have this recipe as the main Prasad.

  • Kashmiri pulao is a dish fit for royalty. It is the perfect blend of spices and sweetness. Milk, saffron, clarified butter, cardamoms and cinnamons form the base of the spices and is the reason behind its subtle yet strong taste.

  • Navratan pulao has fruits added to the dish which creates a riot of colors making the dish more appealing. Nutmeg, cloves, cardamoms and cinnamon sticks form the basic spice and fruits ranging from grapes, red cherries pomegranates and pineapple adds tanginess to the sweet and spicy dish.

  • Paneer or Soya bean pulao is ideal for people who want to incorporate protein in their diet without eating chicken. The basic pulao recipe is followed with just substituting meat with soya bean and or paneer.

  • Dal pulao might sound similar to khichdi but the dish is completely different. The split yellow lentils or chana dal is used to make this dish. In fact, Arabians know this pulao recipe as halim.

Author bio – Being a food writer, the author loves to read and try different varieties of the same dish. He loves rice and pulao recipe are his go to when it comes to filling and tasty meal options. He also adds his own twists to these recipes.


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