Why You Need Experts for Tile Sealing

Many of us are aware of the tile sealing process in the context of a tile restoration method. The details of the process making it seem like an easy, uncomplicated one that can be carried out without needing any special tools or knowledge. However, that is not the case.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration while sealing grout tiles. The choice of sealer, the condition of tiles and the carrying out of sealing tile process require due to experience and relevant knowledge. Experts, thereby, are suitable for this job because they have grout sealers of only the best-suited kind in addition to proper methods and proficiency in the process.

Types of Sealers

Substances applied to tiles to protect them from future contamination and filth accumulation are called sealers. They come in the following types;

Sealers that are soaked up by the porous material of tile and grout are called penetrating sealers. These are considered more effective and durable given that they fill up and close the pores; which are most vulnerable to dirt pile-up.

On the contrary, sealers which form a protective covering on the surface of tile and grout are called surface sealers. These are prone to wearing off earlier than penetrating sealers and are thus, less durable.  

Continuing the varieties of sealers are solvent and water-based sealers which are differentiated based on their composition. Solvent-based sealers typically leave behind a pungent odour after being applied; whereas water-based sealers lack this characteristic. Additionally, water-based sealers are environment friendly as well.

Process of Sealing Tile 

The process of tile sealing involves three basic steps;

1. Removal of the already existing layer of sealer from tiles and grout.

2. Cleaning the tiles present underneath.

3. Applying a fresh layer of sealer on tiles. 

The first step is necessary because in case the sealer is applied on top of the previously existing layer, it will neither be effective nor durable but will flake away eventually. 

Upon removal of the previous sealer layer, the original and clean condition of tiles emerges from below which if properly cleaned to ensure removal of any kinds of debris.

This thorough cleaning is followed by the application of a fresh layer of sealer which is chosen according to the type and condition of your tiles. Once this sealer is applied the tiles pristine condition is preserved from future staining for a specific period. 

The reason why sealing requires professionals is that we have grout sealer of the right choice alongside expertise in sealing grout tile and a pragmatic method to carry out the process. The residual elements of the sealer scraping process are also removed from the site and it is ensured that no post-process task is left for you to carry out. 

Advantages of Sealed Tiles

Sealing of Tile  not only results in safer, more durable tiles but also yields shinier and appealing tiles behind. If the quality and longevity of tiles are to be upheld, then sealing tiles is the only answer. It guarantees to prevent tiles and grout from contamination for a set period given that regular cleaning and other safety measures for tiles are observed.

Why Call Experts?

At GroutExpert, we understand the value tiles hold in the interior of any place. The monetary investment and the effort utilized in the installation of tiles gives a general idea of their worth. This investment makes people realize that to fully utilize tiles; they need to keep up with its maintenance regularly. For this purpose, numerous methods are adopted for tile sealing and every possible effort is made. Realizing the need of the hour, GroutExpert began providing its services which focus solely on tile and grout related problems.  we realize the extent of the problems which are faced by tile owners. From dirt accumulation, mould formation, discolouration and tile cracking and deterioration, we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all these problems.

GroutExpert provides sealing grout tile services that are tailored according to your needs. Along with tile sealers, we have grout sealers which are effectively utilized. So, don’t wait any longer and contact us to avail our proficient services.


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