Top 10 Banarasi Sarees -Moms Should Try for 2021 Ceremonies

Banarasi Sarees are an important garment in India and are considered national clothing for many women in different parts of the country. They are iconic garments that will not be disappearing any time soon as they are such that their look cannot ever be replicated in any other clothing which makes them classic and irreplaceable. For a majority of women, these 6-9 yard fabrics are their daily wear clothing and they are not prone to wearing anything else. 

For this reason, a great portion of the fashion industry is comprised of wholesale banarasi sarees as their demand is very high. To keep up with this, manufacturers have a high turnover of sarees which is even exported and circulated to other cities, local and international as the banarasi saree has made a name for itself. The Banarasi saree is perhaps the most recognized saree In India and the most well-known Indian clothing around the world. Many tourists who visit the country often take this saree back home to their country as a souvenir as they are astonished by the way this timeless garment is created. 

List of Top 10 Banarasi Sarees – in 2021 Ceremonies

1. Cotton Banarasi sarees

For summer seasons, cotton is the fabric that every woman will want to be wearing. This is why this fabric has been incorporated into sarees so that it can make extremely comfortable clothing for those busy and long summer days. This makes for a premium blend that is also stylish enough to wear to work on a daily basis. They feature digital print that allows for great visuals in any kind of color you prefer to wear. If you are attending an event under the hot sun outdoors, you will probably want to be wearing this type of saree. Its strengths are both style as well as comfort and coolness. 

2. Silk banarasi sarees

Of course, silk is a common fabric that can be found in the wardrobe of every woman, this is because it is considered such a privilege to own such a prized material that is so valuable and has various links to our culture, that said banarasi is the most prominent types of silk saree that can be found in almost every part of the country. The silk banarasi saree is known to have a metallic sheen that looks even more attractive at night events where they will surely be eye-catching, this is why they are the number one wear for weddings and parties which require an attractive outfit, well nothing gets better than the silk saree!

3. Georgette banarasi sarees

Georgette is known to be a fabric associated with feminism and grace as it drapes well on the body and can show off the wearer’s body in the best possible light. That said, designers are glad that it has now blended with the banarasi saree to create one jaw-dropping garment that will suitably compliment the woman even if she has a plump or petite body shape. What is even better is that it looks great in all the light colors that include baby blue, light pink, bright yellow, and even white and off-white. 

4. Net banarasi sarees.

This fabric has been seen for a number of years on other ethnic Indian wear, so you can probably imagine the joy when it finally made its way to the classic saree. Giving off a whole new vibe, net sarees are made for auspicious occasions such as weddings, parties, and other important ceremonies. Netting is loved for its gauzy appearance that makes it look like a designer saree already, the netting fabric can have decorations sewn onto it such as embroidery, sequins, or even some stone work. 

5. Chiffon banarasi sarees.

Want to create a silhouette in the dark? Chiffon is regarded as a fancy fabric that many designers love to play around with. It has a translucent appearance that can be used to highlight your blouse piece. Also, it can be considered as a no-effort look that requires no help (at least not from your end of things) Whether it is a day event or a nighttime event, it is one such garment that will look great at any time in any given place.

6. Zari banarasi sarees.

You would have heard of Zari work, if not it is ethnic designed gold border work that can be used to enhance a simple-looking saree into something truly inspiring. They look exceptional on darker colors as the detailed gold craftsmanship of the zari tends to stand out more when on these certain colors, black, maroon, and deep blues are where it looks even more visually appealing.

7. Patola banarasi sarees.

This group of wholesale sarees catalog are known for their printed designs such as floral designs, elephants, peacocks, geometry, and other patterns related to tradition. These gold additions are a greatly appealing vision especially on light color combinations such as pink and green, orange and yellow, blue and pink. 

8. Stone work banarasi saree

The use of stones in ethnic clothing increases the value and appearance of the outfit. The stones are pasted on the material in a pattern to give it some organized look that will leave every woman in awe at how it is carefully created.

9. Butta banarasi sarees

Incorporating both silver and gold threads in addition to the silk threads make for a unique design of saree that cannot be compared to any of the other types of silk sarees. They are much fancier and can be draped according to your preferences and paired with a blouse of your picking. Once you have your outfit on, you can proceed to pick jewellery.

10. Mirror-work banarasi sarees.

With the small pieces, Mirrors are used to design clothes for a long time in our culture. The mirrors which give a reflective property are definitely for women. Those who want a different look and are tired of the old style. Pieces are rounded with a colored fabric or thread. 

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