6 Indian Wedding Sarees Brides ardently Desire

There is no doubt that weddings are both hectic but exciting events that are much-celebrated events in the Indian culture. The most anticipated event is going shopping for the perfect saree that will make the bride look extraordinary and leave an everlasting memory in every guest’s mind. Picking the one that will do this is a daunting task that will require every bride to have a supportive group that will help her make the right decision. Many aspects need to be taken into consideration, these include color, fabric, price, but the most important one that will dictate your search is the type of wholesale wedding saree to be purchased.

With fashion changing so rapidly, the retail market is updated with newer designs which will leave you confused and blank-faced! Therefore we suggest you do a little research before stepping into a shop as this will give you advanced notice of what to expect. With so many options you should do some prior mixing and matching to know exactly what suits you and what does not suit you, things that do not suit you should be avoided as it will not look very attractive, and you will not want to botch your wedding day look. There are some designs that every woman is prone to love as they are timeless and are known to compliment each and every woman’s figure.

  1. Banarasi saree

The Wholesale Banarasi saree is one which has great prominence throughout the country and can be easily recognized by any women nationwide. Made in Varanasi (Benares/Banaras) these sarees are closely related to Zari and Brocade weaves that display a rich cultural influence. For many decades, this particular saree has owned the hearts of women and this is why it is the number one saree chosen by brides on their wedding day.

  1. Kancheepuram saree

Originating from Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, this is the most renowned fabric made in the southern regions and is otherwise known as Kanjeevaram saree. Their characteristics include metallic gold and bronze that have a distinct sheen to them. Many celebrity brides are even warming up to this style and opting for it to be their wedding dresses. They can be recognized by the gold/silver threads that are woven in with the silk threads, designs seen on them are peacock, moon, sun, swan and lion motifs which are truly a sight to be seen.

  1. Designer sarees

This class of sarees is cater made to deliver an extra stylish look as they bear uniquely made custom designs that no other saree class is known to possess. Any bride looking to make a fashion statement as well as style up to suit the occasion of a wedding. This head turning saree will be sure to garner attraction as it is heavily decorated with all the latest designs and features that one would find on the latest garments on the market. These will make use of various fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, and satin. The material then chosen can be appropriately embellished with stunning ornaments such as stones, embroidery, and beads to improve the looks of the saree.

  1. Pure silk sarees

Silk is one material that has been worn by brides for many generations and it is even passed down the timeline as a family heirloom. This makes it even more valuable to our culture and religion. The iconic white and gold pure silk saree is extensively worn by brides of the southern states. Pure silk saree or Mysore silk sarees are smooth and soft to the touch making them even more sought after. As a bridal garment, they make the wearer look and feel like royalty, this is a perk especially since it is the most memorable day of your life. They can be simple in a single solid color or they can be decorated to increase their visual value, this depends on preferences and how big the event is.

  1. Netting sarees

Although these sarees have not been around forever, they definitely made a big splash when they were first introduced, and of course they were immediately adopted as a design that was here to stay. Indeed they did stay and till today they remain an important category of bridal and wedding wear that will impress at any event. The netting overlay provides a unique look that exhibits feminism and grace, not to mention the immense fashionability that comes with it. A variety of decorative ornaments are used to make the material even more stunning, these include but are not limited to embroidery, beads, and stones. Together with a designer blouse, the bride’s image is sure to be etched in the minds of all present.

  1. Paithani sarees

Paithani sarees are recognized by the multicolor kaleidoscope of colors that it produces by the addition of shiny color shades. They are in fact the customary bridal wear for Marathi women and features designs that are inspired by the Ajanta caves. They form a distinct class of sarees that make for a great addition to every wardrobe regardless of the caste of the wearer’s religious background. Bright colors with immersive borders are a prominent feature of the sarees.


For a girl, her wedding day is the most important day of her life and she will probably be planning the outfit that she wants to wear from a young age. Whatever style she wishes to wear, the color spectrum will probably be reds and maroons with intricate gold and silver detailing work. Various designer decorations include embroidery, stonework, beadwork, printing and even sequins, it all depends on the preferences of the bride.

She will have many peers to help advise her in picking that one outfit that she will remember forever and hopefully is chosen correctly, all guests will also remember it forever and will be spoken about as it was that memorable. Each class of sarees mentioned here is timeless and iconic enough to make every girl shine and have the fairytale wedding that she has always dreamed of having.


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