Most Used Bike Brands in Pakistan

bikes company in pakistan

All of us know that bike has become among one of the basic necessities of life these days. Cars Price in Pakistan are available here. Bikes consumes less petrol as well as saves time and is very valuable for people in terms of travelling within the city especially youngsters and students who have to go to their schools and academies often. There are different bike brands that are seen working these days. Here we are going to discuss those brands which are most used in Pakistan due to their good quality and prices. The most used bike brands in Pakistan are as follows:

Here the list of Most used bike in Pakistan


Honda is one of the most used bike brand in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan 1st preference has always been Honda as it is one of the most reliable bike brand in Pakistan. This bike brand has been seen working in Pakistan from a long time period. These bikes can be bought from different Honda bike dealers all over Pakistan. The most used bikes of this brand in Pakistan are Honda CD 70, and Honda CG 125.


United, a China bike company but has gained good reputation throughout the country. Due to the less price of bikes as compared to other local bike companies working in Pakistan. So it placed in the list of most used bike brands in Pakistan.  If we talk about the quality of these bikes it’s not good as that of Honda and we cannot compare these bikes with Honda bikes. The most used bikes of this brand in Pakistan are United US 125, United US 125, and United US 100.


Yamaha bikes have also gained good reputation since when the company launched its new bike YBR in Pakistan. These bike proved much valuable for the company because after its launched company managed to engage a large number of customers in the country. Yamaha’s most used bikes in Pakistan include Yamaha YBR 125, and Yamaha YBR 125G.


Suzuki bikes have also gained a quite good reputation all over Pakistan. Due to the outclass bikes. That are being launched by Suzuki time to time to facilitate their customers. Also Suzuki bikes are best in terms of quality. The most used bikes of Suzuki in Pakistan includes Suzuki GD 100, and Suzuki GS 150. The prices of these bikes are high but these bikes are the best in terms of quality. As the company always gives its customers a long-lasting product. So that their confidence remains the same.

Last Say:

List of best bike companies we have discussed. Not only they are the best, but also provide quality service of maintenance. They build up a strong marketing channels to facilitate the customers.


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