What Does Air Crew Notice About Passengers?

For traveling internationally, Airplane is a common mean. Millions of travelers use airplanes as their source of moving from one place to another internationally.  As I’m finding for Cheap flights to Morocco right now and want to book the best option, there must be hundreds of other travelers finding the best flight rates to be at their favorite Holiday destinations.

Did you ever think as a traveler, that you notice a lot of things about your flight, crew and other traveling aspects, what the crew could be noticing about their customers? Well, it is interesting to know. I’m discussing those things in this article. It would tell you how you impact, and what things you should improve to be a decent traveler.

Things You Should Know About What An Air Crew Notices About You:

It is an interesting aspect to know that what the other person is thinking about you and how you impact him/her. Travelers may take an interest in how to react as a decent traveler in an airplane. Here are some points covered by me. It is an outcome of my various traveling experiences in life.

They See The Size Of Your Hand Carry:

For backpackers and other travelers, it is said to carry the light baggage with them. But it is totally up to your traveling experience because you know what you will need in your traveling so you will pack things accordingly. The first thing the aircrew notice when you enter the flight is your luggage in hand to carry at seat overhead space.

So keep your hand-carry simple and light. It can be carried and would not burden your over-head space. Your travel experience would also be a comfortable one.

They Will Look If You Are Ill:

They have a concern with those passengers who are ill. Many airlines have a specially trained crew who care the patients especially. You can be seated on a special seat, or be looked after like a special customer.

If you are pregnant, it is a great concern for the staff. In pregnancy, it is not suggested to travel by air but if it is necessary, you will be welcomed and taken care of by the staff of any well-reputed airline. International standards tell the crew and all the air staff to be a hospital, kind and professional.

They Welcome The Handicapped Very Warmly:

It is in the staff’s training that how to welcome a handicapped or special person. If you are handicapped and traveling, you will be encouraged by the staff and everyone there. If you are handicapped, you have to tell this to the airline. They will make special arrangements on their own. This privilege will only be yours because you are special.

Special people are also welcomed by the other travelers on the flight. Everyone cooperates and gives you a warm welcome. So if you are having any disability, don’t make it your weakness. Travel and receive care from everyone.

Your Patience And Cooperation Counts:

Staff also counts your behavior. Travelers who have good conduct are believed to be ideal ones. So whenever you travel, try to be good with others. Some people I could see were bad-mannered and of the shouting nature. They are disliked by fellow passengers and air staff.

You should be cooperative with the staff and your fellow travelers. It would impact well in your travel experience too. Being patient would also get you wonderful experiences on your whole trip. I experienced this many times during my trips. I guess that helped me a lot to become a professional traveler. Now I can tell to my fellow travelers about my every experience. So guys, be patient and take good care.

The Air-Staff Cares Family Travelers:

The aircrew prefers the families with little kids to sit near them So they can take good care. They first notice if you are with your family. Aircrew is mostly kid-friendly and takes care of kids and your family. At some experiences with my kids, I could not differentiate between our experience in the plane and at home. They care like a family.

So don’t shy with sharing anything with the staff related to your kids and needs. They are very cooperative and know how to care for the family.

Drunk Travelers:

Nobody likes drunk travelers. You should not be drunk or consuming alcohol in the plan which you can’t bear. You should be an active traveler and always respect others. You are a responsible citizen on earth  so keep all the responsibilities in your view and take your conduct, activities into consideration.

Cigarettes and any of the other things which can cause disturbance for others are not allowed in flight. You will be considered a bad, rude and disturbing personality if you do that.


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