Do hair transplants last forever?

One issue on the brains of potential hair transplant patients is this – how long does a hair transplant last? Will it last forever?

Those trying a solution to hair loss will be happy to know that the results are typically long-lasting, despite. There are several different cases where this may not be simple to predict.

The great news is that when performed by a qualified, skilled hair restoration expert, a hair transplant procedure can last a lifetime.

Hair transplants include removing hair follicles from the donor site. Either separately (FUE) or through a strip of skin from a site of healthy growth on the scalp (FUT). In both situations, the follicles will then be transplanted back into the affected area on the scalp. As the scalp improves, the follicles will continue to grow healthy hair and provide a greater density of hair on otherwise thin or balding regions. Also, the ARTAS incorporates the follicular unit excision (FUE) It provides natural-looking results that last.

Since the transplanted hair originated in the donor area, these follicles are not affected by the same ailments. That cause hair loss within the recipient site – allowing for permanent hair regrowth.

Once the hair has been successfully transplanted

it will begin to grow almost identically to the hair follicles still located within the donor area. Hair will continue to note constant growth over the period. Also providing natural-looking and long-lasting results.

While hair transplants have been carefully designed to be permanent. some factors may affect this.

Will My Hair Transplant Last A Lifetime?

Although concerns regarding the permanency of hair transplants are understandable, in most cases, your hair transplant will last for your lifetime. The follicles will have been transferred from a donor segment of your scalp, assuring that not only is your scalp more inclined to take the transplants, but they will also start to combine into the rest of your hair in the months following your hair transplant treatment. Each follicle will produce hair that grows naturally beside the surrounding hairs. It will behave in the same way as the rest of your hair.

As long as there is the risk that those suffering from pattern baldness could see further hair loss in the future. This can often be solved by a further treatment to transplant healthy hair into the regions. where current loss has been spotted. The transplanted hair, despite, will remain strong and healthy with regular care and will last a lifetime.

For assured results, our professionals, at Musk Clinic, Ahmedabad will take into account any family history of hair loss and the reasons for your personal thinning or loss. We will be able to better ascertain whether you are likely to lose hair in the future. This way, we can anticipate and predict any possible later operations.  Design a hairline and density that will combine well with this in the future.

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