Can Run Out of Fuel Damage Your Car?

Just like human beings require food and water to survive and work, cars
need fuel to keep on driving. It is obvious that a car will not be able to function without fuel intake since the fuel provides energy. Even though being empty on fuel will definitely destroy your car parts especially the engine, it can also be very embarrassing and annoying for the driver. There is also a huge risk of being stranded on the road.

Therefore, always make sure that the engine has enough fuel for driving even if there are plenty of fuel stations nearby. In order to be on the safe side, keep a container of extra fuel at the rear end of the car as a precautionary measure.

Nevertheless, running out of fuel is something that is bound to happen in one way or the other even in a used car. So this article will let you know what happens to your car when it is empty on fuel.

When the fuel tank is drying up, the engine will automatically begin to pull out air from the tank along with the remaining bit of fuel. The disadvantage of pulling out air is that it won’t allow the engine to ignite again. When fuel gets mixed with air, it can never lead to combustion which is necessary for starting the engine.

Modern-day cars have really strong engines which can easily withstand a lack of fuel. They are built to endure a lot more than running low on fuel. The modern engines, therefore, will not get much affected by an empty tank.

The older cars, however, stand as a stark contrast from the modern vehicles in this aspect because they have zero tolerance to low fuel. The old model cars also have a notorious tendency to draw in dirt, impure particles or debris from the bottom of the fuel tank when the fuel is low.

The engine does this in order to keep itself running. The downside of this action is that the debris and dirt will start to accumulate in the engine filters which will ultimately lead to blockages.

These blockages will cause a major hindrance to the proper functioning of the engine. The debris may even not let the engine to start at all. The impure sediments are extremely hard to remove after they are stuck in the engine filter.

How diesel cars react to low fuel

In case you own a diesel car, you need to be extra careful because the lack of fuel is capable of destroying the internal mechanism of the car. Unlike the other cars which pull out a moderate amount of air, the diesel cars pull out three times more air through the strong fuel injectors which is extremely harmful. This action can have disastrous effects on the various components of the system.

Secondly, petrol cars can start again after some effort on the part of the driver when it is on low fuel, unlike the diesel cars which face enormous difficulty in starting again due to their different machinery. After the engine is completely filled with air in a diesel car, the engine filters and injectors are harmed which resultantly make it very difficult for the engine to start or turn over again.

So in order to start the diesel engine again, all the air needs to be thoroughly removed from the system. This procedure can unfortunately only be done by professionals. It is both an expensive and time-consuming process in which the engine filters are removed and cleaned. If the injectors and pump are too damaged, they will need to be replaced as well.

How to restart your car after fuel runs out

This can only be done after you have added fuel in the car again. It is advised that you should not push the ignition repeatedly after refueling because the fuel has not spread properly everywhere and the battery will get drained if you put force on ignition. You should try the following tips to restart the engine.

1- In order to activate the fuel injectors, apply force on the accelerator pedal. This step will allow the fuel to circulate properly as well.

2- It is important for the electric fuel injectors to spread the fuel around without putting much power on the battery. To obtain this, switch on the ignition with the engine on the off mode.

3- Whenever the car runs out of fuel, the fuel pump overheats and it might even fail due to the excess heat. Therefore, always give your car enough time to cool down after refueling.

Many drivers like to think that there are zero chances of running out of fuel as they are attentive to car maintenance but it is quite probable of this misfortune to happen especially when you are stuck in bad traffic. This guide will assist you in case it ever happens.

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