Importance Of Second Hand Pallets

There is a huge competition in modern business in the world. With increasing needs and hikes in prices, these industries need to run in the league that to in limited budget, which means that they have to serve their customers in the desired price range. The way to optimize and to earn more profit is to look for the indirect ways which can help like using second hand pallets for logistics optimization. There are many companies where you can find wood pallets, and they have been offering services like repairing and shipping of second hand pallets.

These pallets are of high quality, and they have the strength like new ones. It is a good option to opt for used pallets as it will save money, and you can take relief that someone has experienced the strength of these pallets, and these are safe to use.

How Are Pallets Made Of?

There are two types of pallets one made from hardwood, and the other is made of softwood. The cheap pallets are often made of softwood. These are not reusable as these pallets are expandable, often thrown in the trash along with the wrappers. The design of these pallets are simple pallets can be lifted from two sides.

The complex version is made of hardwood, and the plus point is that they can be lifted from all four sides. These pallets must be deposited and should be returned to the sender or can be sold as used pallets or second hand pallets. The four-way lift pallets are often distributed with the color-coding. Color coding defines the amount of weight that can be lifted or the weight that we can load on these pallets.

There is a restriction for the use of wooden pallets as these are susceptible to bacteria and can generate E coil problems.

Areas Where Wooden Pallets Can Be Used

The design and type of wood used to depend on the type of use of those second hand pallets. Some intended areas are-

  • General or FDA storage
  • Chemical export business
  • Automotive transportations

There are different types of wood used to construct a pallet such as recycled wood, hardwood, softwood, the combo of new and recycled wood.

Pallets come in different sizes depends on the need of the customer. There are two main categories, defined as stringer and block pallets.

Stringer Pallets

Stringer pallets are one of the first models of wooden pallets. They utilize an edge of at least three equal bits of timber (called stringers). The top deck boards are then attached to the stringers to make the bed structure. Stringer beds can have a score cut into them, permitting the “four-way” section. Forklifts can lift a stringer pallet from every one of the four headings; however, lifting by the stringers is progressively secure. Stringer beads can be made of both wood and plastic.

Block Pallets

These are the hard pallets and certainly stronger than the stringer pallets. They use perpendicular as well as parallel stringer structure to provide better strength and stability. The structure is very efficient, and the lifting done from the fork lifter becomes an easy task in case of block pallets.


Some materials can be used to construct a pallet, but it is always safe and secure to use a wood pallet as the stability is more in these pallets and safe as well. Wood is gentler than metal. The second hand pallets are cheaper and very useful in reducing the cost of your logistics. Using the second hand pallets is always a good option to save money and investing it where it is required.

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