Why Would You Hire Evaporative Cooling Repair Services?

Brivis is one of the best companies in Melbourne that offers different evaporating and HVAC systems. Brivis evaporating coolers can withstand the extreme climate. and they have some advanced technology. You can save up to 45% of water consumption by choosing the Brivis evaporating cooling system. But you need to maintain your evaporating cooling system and hire Brivis evaporative cooling repair services for the scheduled maintenance.

What is Evaporating Cooling?

Before you choose an evaporating cooling, system and spend your money on its maintenance, you need to know the working principles of an evaporating cooling system. Evaporating cooling is a natural cooling process based on water evaporation. Otherside, Outdoor air is cleaned by the evaporating air cooler’s filter pads, and it can distribute the air through ducts. Evaporating coolers are less expensive than split air conditioners, and they are completely eco-friendly. You do not need to use any harmful gas for evaporating cooling.

Reasons to Hire Brivis Evaporative Cooling Repair Services:

Brivis evaporating cooling systems are available with different series, such as Contour Series, Promina Series, AD BAL series, and advanced series. Each of their models has a different cooling capacity. So if you do not know about such a series, then you can contact a Brivis evaporative cooling repair service center. They can assist you to choose the best evaporating cooler for your home.

  • If you are looking for an evaporating cooler for your new home, then you can choose a model from the Brivis Contour Series. Where as they design these evaporating coolers with UV protected plastic, on the other side they can deliver clean air. They have a minimum noise level, which will provide peace of mind. They equip these coolers with 130mm thick evaporating cooling pads. They design the Brivis evaporating coolers with AquaSave technology, and they can save up to 45% water consumption.
  • On the other part, you need to choose an evaporating cooler from Brivis Promina Series for your low profile sloping base. These models are equipped with an Auto-Refresh water management system, and they can control the amount of freshwater added to the unit. The coolers can automatically flush the entire tank and refill it with fresh water. These models are available in different colors like charcoal, terra red, and beige.
  • If you are looking for an evaporating cooler for small areas, then you can choose a model from the Brivis Advanced Series. Because These coolers are available in a smaller size and they design them with winter-seal technology. Brivis has different evaporating coolers, and you can choose the best one for your home or offices. Apart from that, Brivis has different controllers such as Brivis Touch, Brivis Wi-Fi, Brivis Networker, Brivis Zone Plus, DGH Manual, and GDH Programmable devices. You can use such controllers to operate your evaporating coolers.


You need to maintain your evaporating coolers at regular intervals. Brivis has some authorized dealers and service centers and you can choose the nearest evaporative cooling repair center from their official website. Apart from changing water, you need to clean the filters or pads of your cooler. Plus, a tank of your evaporating coolers can get affected by rust and you need to clean the tank to get fresh air. If you are using ducts, then you have to clean such ducts every month, especially during the summer when you use your cooler frequently. In this case, you need to rely on Brivis evaporative cooling repair centers because they are certified and they can easily replace the damaged parts with original Brivis parts. So you can hire the best Brivis services online and maintain your cooler.

evaporative cooling repair services

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