Improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile User Experience

From sales teams that travel around to meet with customers to technicians that visit any particular site to conduct certain repairs and marketers conducting an in-person event, there are different circumstances where it is essential for the Microsoft Dynamics tool to work on either a tablet or a mobile phone.

So, to improve the entire experience of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 on mobile devices, certain features and tools can be activated. This blog covers all the range of features and controls one can use on the various forms of Microsoft Dynamics. Whether they need to upload some data or complete a process, these features would certainly be helpful.

What is Dynamics 365 User Experience and How To Improve It?

Well, for those users who regularly use the Microsoft Dynamics tool on their mobile devices, it is important to know the features they can enable to make their experience better. These options mentioned below could be helpful in the process.

1. Toggle Control

By just pressing one button, users will be properly able to switch between 2 different values. Users don’t have to press every button manually to present their selection. This is a great way of ensuring convenience and showcasing better results with the mobile experience of Dynamics 365. Some toggle buttons can be used for values such as Active/Inactive, Yes/No, Complete/Incomplete, etc.

2. Auto-Complete

After enabling this function on Microsoft Dynamics 365, users will be able to select any particular value provided in the drop-down menu. These options are created using the input characters and are easy to select. This will tremendously impact the tool’s performance and make it more functional.

3. Pen Control

Do you need a signature? With the assistance of this tool, putting a signature will be very easy. You have to use the option for pen control on the tablet or mobile phone, and you are set. This function makes the process of capturing a signature easy. Users don’t have to manually upload their signatures on the applications, and hence this increases the convenience level by a lot.

4. Number Input

As a perfect alternative to manually typing out the numbers, with the help of the number input option, users will be able to choose the numbers by adjusting the “+” or “-” button. This will add the desired numerical value into the field without any complications.

5. Star Rating

This is another one of the premium options that users can utilize with their Dynamics 365. The visualization of the rating system allows the user to enter the rating, and not just that, but others will be able to check those entries. The support range of the control goes up to 5 stars. These options are available with Dynamics 365 pricing packages.

6. Barcode Scanner

With the help of this native scanner option, detecting a barcode will be very easy. Not to mention that it can also be simply pasted in one particular field. This control is functional in both iOS and Android devices and is a vital feature to use.

Wrapping Up,

With different organizations, the user requirements are diverse, including data collection and updates. With the help of these features, the experience of your Dynamics 365 Business Central will be increased for sure.

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