5 Reasons Why Web Developers Love Laravel Framework


Hey, are you a web developer? Do you want to develop an enterprise-level web application for your client? If yes, undoubtedly, you might be using the Laravel framework. Right? Laravel is a PHP-based awesome framework having endless opportunities to make the web app rich-featured and fully functional like never before.

According to data revealed by JetBrains, 50% of PHP developers use Laravel as a web development framework regularly. Laravel stays ahead of the commonly used Symfony framework, too. Today, you will find every IT company working as a Laravel development company due to its massive demand and popularity.

Well, let’s find out the reasons why Laravel is so popular in the developers’ community.

5 Reasons Why Web Developers Prefer Laravel PHP Framework

#1 Simplicity

Laravel is one of the most simple and elegant PHP-based frameworks. Developers having a basic knowledge of PHP programming language can easily learn it. That’s the biggest plus point of this framework.

Laravel entails the elegant syntax that non-experienced developers can understand at first sight. Apart from that, Laravel follows MVC architecture that lets you build a large-scale and complex web app easily and quickly.

#2 Blade Templating Engine

Laravel has an in-built blade templating engine to develop a stunning and lightweight web application. It doesn’t add any further overhead to your web app. The biggest plus of this template engine is that it doesn’t restrict developers from writing plain PHP if they want.

#3 Security

As security is the primary concern of every web developer and client, choosing the framework that provides watertight security to your web application is necessary. This is where Laravel stands ahead of all other PHP-based frameworks.

Yes, Laravel prevents any malware activity from entering your web application. Moreover, it also secures your app from serious security threats such as SQL injection. Laravel’s strong community and plenty of tutorials provide the next level of advice to build a robust web app using Laravel.

#4 Unit Testing

Website or web application testing is one of the most tedious as well as complex tasks for a web developer. Isn’t it? But Laravel has made the application testing process seamless with its built-in testing function and unit testing.

Unit testing is a type of testing that checks every module and component of an application and makes sure they are not broken and bug-free. However, Laravel sets auto testing mechanisms; developers can also set other testing configurations as and when required.

#5 Active Community

Larvel has maintained its popularity among web developers since a decade. During this period of ten years, a vast community of experienced Laravel developers and Laravel development company came into the picture.

Whenever one has any query or bug and reports it to the community, other experienced Laravel experts are ready to assist you in resolving it as soon as possible. This is how one can easily perform the most complex task and cut down the delay and cost.


Thus, we have seen the top five reasons Laravel is the most famous framework among web developers. We (the web design and development services) are also the biggest fan of this well-known framework. We have been working with Laravel technology for the last 5 years and have a team of the industry’s best developers. Are you looking to hire dedicated Laravel developer? Feel free to get in touch with us and get the bespoke Laravel solutions at the most reasonable rates!

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