List of Perfect Plants for Small Spaces and How to Take Care of Them

If your home is not blessed with tons of acres and a large backyard, that does not mean that you can not have green buddies at your place. There are plants available for each type of specifications.if you know the right names, bringing the green buddies home becomes possible.

I understand that in the houses that are restricted when it comes to space, everything is placed without wasting even an inch of space. But what if I tell you that the list of plants that I’m going to tell you will adjust within the same? Now you can make your part-time gardening hobby and full-time thing because you are about to bring the plants indoors without moving even a single inch of your furniture. You can either order indoor plants online or purchase it from a local nursery if you find them. 

Areca plants

Palms are a favorite choice amongst people to keep it in their house. It is a delicate looking plant that grows well both indoors as well as outdoors. Palms come in lots of different varieties, and usually, all species have a common resemblance that makes it easy to recognize palms. One of the most purchased species is the areca palm. This long going plant thrives well indoors when placed in indirect sunlight. Avoid exposing it to direct sun as it may turn its leaves yellow. When I said it I a long going plant, it meant that the plant could grow up to 30 feet when placed outdoor, but indoors, the height might be restricted to only 7 feet. If you already have an areca palm planted outside, consider it a green signal to move it indoors because it can survive easily.

String of pearl

Isn’t the name pretty enough to convince you to buy this plant for your space? Well, just like its name, the plant is gorgeous too. True to its name, the appearance of the plant is similar to a string to spring with pearls. It will surely make a head-turning spot where they are planted. You can think of it as a sure deal to impress your friends and guests because they are going to ask about this plant. Growing a string of pearls is easy as long strands of pearls, I mean round plump leaves will quickly grow. To make the best of this plant, grow it in a hanging basket where there is bright but indirect sunlight. Water enough to keep the soil moist. Since you can hang it in a basket, it will not cover any of your space on the floor. 

Sweetheart plant

Another mini plant that is a head-turner is a sweetheart plant. The plant is named so after its adorable little leaves that are heart-shaped. Though it is a whole trailing plant, but since we are limited with spacing, so it is also available as a single leaf cutting. Like other plants on this list, this plant is also easy to take care of in both cases. Sweetheart plant is a succulent that requires very less water to live and thrives well in bright and direct sunlight. So, you can place it on a window sill; that way, it will not cover much space either. If you want to buy a single cutting of this plant, buy plants online

Red aglaonema

This name may be new to you, but it is a great pick if you have limited spacing. It is a cute little plant that can be planted in a mini pot and kept on tables and bookshelves. The red aglaonema is happy with little space as it does to grow big either. That was about its mini size, now talking about its beauty, the plant has bright and pretty pink leaves and stems, which looks great when placed indoors. Growing a red aglaonema plant at your place is no brainer. I would say that it is a super easy growing plant. It thrives well in all bright, moderate as well as low light. Though according to some studies, it shows more colors when grown in moderate light. 

These are the plants you should be looking for if you have a spacing problem at your place as they are the mini yet perfect pick. 


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