The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments On Blogs

Why do you want to leave good blog comments? Well what is the point in commenting if you do not? The first answer to that question may be that a good comment should be the only option. If you do not enter a good comment, then do not enter a comment at all. The second answer may be that you want to promote something in the comment section or want to add a link, and a bad/mediocre comment may invite your deletion. So here are eight ways in which you may leave good blog comments.

1. Read the blog post carefully and make considered comments

One would think that this was the common practice anyway, but that is far from the truth. The fact is that many people (especially spammers) will not even read the blog post. Most people only skim read blog posts anyway, so asking them to read it and leave a relevant comment is beyond them. If you want to get on the good side of the blogger and his/her loyal readers, then reading the blog post very carefully and adding a considered opinion or comment is a good idea.

2 Leave blog comments that are deliberately funny

This will cut through the icy exterior of any blogger and will help to keep your blog comment on the comment section. If your comment is genuinely funny, then the blogger will appreciate your efforts and other people may even comment and reply to your comment because of it.

3 Tell a short story that relates to the blog post

Adding your own little anecdote is a good idea because it shows a spark of originality. If your anecdote actually agrees with the blog post, or further proves the blog post, then it is really going to add to the online intercourse. This is a good thing because it will make your comment very difficult to remove, because other comments are going to refer to it.

4 Agree or disagree with the blog in some way

Commenting with some sort of praise or criticism is not going to get you very far. Instead, you can show that you read and understood the blog post by agreeing or disagreeing in some way with it. Disagreeing is not the same as criticism if you make your argument relevant. Agreeing should also be done by referencing the points made in the blog post. Do not agree by simply saying that you do, because you do not add anything to the post or the comment section.

5 Pull apart and expand on small elements within the blog

The blog post may have several layers, or just one. It may be a sophisticated dialogue, or it may be a straightforward text. Whatever the case may be, you should pick a point in the blog post and then expand upon it. Maybe you can add your knowledge, or at least add your opinion.

6 Defend or promote the blog post against other commenters

This is a very clever, if not dirty trick. What you do is leap to the blogger’s defense. He or she is going to have a hard time deleting your blog post after you leapt to his or her defense. If there are no criticisms of the blog post on the comment section, then consider promoting the blog post on the comment section. Act as if you are trying to “rally the troops” in favor of the blog post.

7 Relate to the blog post but then ask a question

Do not just ask a question, because it is a stinking spammer tactic that the blog poster is going to recognize a mile away. The spammer will often insert a link after the question, or will insert a link after an answer has been given. What you should do is relate to the blog post and then ask a question, preferably about the part that you have just related to.

8 Comment on the things that the blog poster could have added

Notice the phrasing of this tip. You are commenting on the things that the blogger could have added and not the things that the blogger may have missed. To imply that the blogger has missed something suggests an error. It suggests that the blog post is not complete in some way, or that it has holes in it. To add something, however, is a little bit like having a perfectly formed Sundae brought to your table and then you asking for hot syrup on it.


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