Making a Career as a BPO Specialist

where business process outsourcing (BPO) comes in, and where BPO specialist deliver high value to their clients.

For an organization looking to make a name in the market, it is but logical to focus on its core competencies. Apple, for instance, is great at software and hardware; Domino’s on making pizzas; and Ranbaxy on developing and marketing drugs.

However, running a business is not just about core competencies or processes, but several non-core business processes too. These include payroll, customer care, and many more. This is where business process outsourcing (BPO) comes in, and where BPO specialists deliver high value to their clients.

The following are the top aspects to consider for a career in the BPO field:

Core understanding of operations

BPO is about much more than just a call center. A variety of processes are handled by BPO service providers, and even the voice and non-voice processes at call centers help to get a deeper insight into the behaviors and requirements of customers. Aside from this, the person can learn about handling clients and getting theoretical knowledge on a project. There is also the chance to specialize in a particular industry vertical.

Non-voice options

A BPO does not necessarily do telemarketing or phone-answering. Customer support is also provided through email and chat, as well as by registering and answering customer queries posted on social media.

Better skills in management and leadership

Entering the BPO sector typically does not require more than elementary computer usage, the ability to speak in public, and confidence. In the long run, with growth in responsibilities handled, a BPO specialist develops a strong personality by leading teams, building his or her confidence, and becoming a better leader. Of course, this also brings a better set of benefits and perks.

Growth in role and designation

With the passage of time, a BPO employee develops a variety of skills and gets a chance to move up the organizational ladder. Starting as an agent, one can expect to move up to the position of a team leader and further to a manager or project head in 2-3 years and 5 years respectively. Of course, the pace of moving up could be a higher basis for the performance of the candidate.

Incentives based on targets

For a BPO specialist, the pay package is not just about basic salary. There is a proper plan for benefits and perks, and the incentive plan tends to be structured such that there is a direct correlation between targets achieved and incentives earned. The perks include bonuses, corporate lunches, health insurance, and other recognition and rewards. The combination of basic salary and the benefits package could make it an attractive proposition for a person.

Dealing with reputed clients

Given the breadth of services and the scope of projects outsourced, a career in BPO offers a chance to work with some very reputed clients. These could be large multinational corporations, companies from the Fortune 500 list, and other respected names in the business world. Experience in handling these is a great asset for future career prospects.

Lateral career movement

A BPO specialist does not need to work in only one department for the length of a career. There are opportunities to move between different teams such as quality, logistics, retail, and others.

To improve the prospects for a great BPO career, it is a good idea to opt for one of the top BPO certifications. A certification is an investment in continual development and attests to the candidate possessing the most up-to-date skills and knowhow for the field.


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