Why Cancer Patients Must Focus On Their Diet?

It has been observed that one out of every four people who suffer cancer are the ones to be forced to completely stop the treatment, you might wonder why would this be? It is majorly because they were found under-nourished and it was revealed that their bodies didn’t have the power and the capability to cope up with all the numerous toxic side effects that are is the evil twin of radiation and chemotherapy.

They are usually of no harm in the initial stages when the treatment has just begun, however as the treatment progresses, in about three weeks’ time, it starts to take a real toll on the patients bodies and somewhere about 25% of those are due to the radiation and the chemotherapy troubles that stands as the major reason for the doctor to force stop the treatment. For some major surgeries, in which the complication rate spikes up by 35% to 40% in people who suffer cancer the nutrition levels if found to be very low.

Nutrition comes into picture here and plays a vital role in the treatment of cancer, which makes it crucial to have a diet plan while undergoing and after cancer treatment. Dieticians for Cancer Patients in Delhi have surfaced and are working their best to help the patients lead a better and fulfilling life post the treatment.

Consulting the best Oncology Dietician for Cancer in Delhi it became more clear that the overall drugs and therapy sessions tend to take a toll on the diet and becomes the leading cause of lower appetite. There also happens to be the trouble of tolerance levels being different to different foods, and the ability to digest nutrients. 

When you consult a dietician for cancer patients in Delhi, they will calculate the body mass index (BMI) first, then move on to the skin-fold thickness which happens to measure the fat present under the skin and lastly albumin count which is taken to determine whether or not a patient can bear the effects of treatment.

Broadly speaking, people who happen to undergo the cancer treatment— whether radiation or chemotherapy are the ones who are sure to suffer from vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin B12, iron and zinc deficiency, these are all the drugs that are used in the overall treatment which tends to deplete all the vital nutrients from the body or hamper their absorption. The best oncology dietician in Delhi can definitely help your specific condition in this case and improve your overall health. A balanced diet fused with right nutrition is the demand of the hour for not just cancer patients but everyone. Keep a check on your diet and be sure to consult a doctor in case of any trouble.


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