Best 7 Countries In The World to Start Real Estate Business

The real estate business is one of the largest markets in the construction industry. Do you want to enter the real estate business? If so, there are some important things that you should know. One of which is the location of your startup. Where in the world is best to start a real estate business?

But before that, let’s quickly go over the basics to understand better. What is the real estate business? What are the different types of real estate business?

What is Real Estate Business?

Real estate refers to a piece of property, including the land, building, and air and underground rights above and below the property. There are four different types of real estates; residential, commercial, industrial, and land property. 

So what are real estate businesses? The term is quite broad and can pertain to various types of industries. To simply put, anything that relates to buying, producing, and selling properties are real estate businesses. Real estate business includes property brokerage, real estate investments. It also includes the construction of properties, from houses, residential buildings, and commercial spaces. Some are also involved in providing materials such as composite decking materials, solar decking lights to make your house look amazing and other flooring materials for the properties that they work-on.

Best Countries to Start Real Estate Business

If you think to starting your own business, you must consider what type of real estate business you will be doing. But for most people, real estate brokerage and personal investments are the most common. 

Best 7 Countries Where You Can Start a Real Estate Business

After choosing which type of business you’ll want to have, the next step is to find a suitable location. For this, you may wonder which countries are the best for your real estate business. Here are some of the places that you can choose from, in no particular order.  

1. Brazil

First on the list is Brazil. Compared to other countries, Brazil is a low-risk investment opportunity. The country is still young when it comes to the industry, but it has been improving and continues to show potential to grow further. 

2. Turkey

Another rising country when it comes to real estate. Turkey is an excellent country for real estate investment, for many good reasons. First, the currency, Turkish lira, they use is among the cheapest in the world. It means foreigners will have more money to spend on investments. The country is also showing promising growth and development.

3. The USA

There’s no question why the US is still a solid choice when it comes to real estate businesses. Due to the country’s financial and economic stability, many are still investing and starting businesses in the US. For instance, in 2018, many voted for Los Angeles as the number one city for real estate. Other states, such as Florida, are also excellent places to start the business. 

4. The UK

Similar to the reason for the US, the UK is still an excellent choice for a real estate business. It is the second-largest market in Europe. London, particularly, is one of the best places for people to start a business. 

5. Germany

If the UK is the second-largest in terms of real estate, Germany is the largest one in Europe. While they are buying properties in Germany may not be as cheap in other countries, it’s still worth considering. Germany is a stable and secure country. 

6. Spain –

According to a few research studies, Spain ranked 2nd as the most beginner-friendly country when it comes to buying and investing properties. Some reasons why Spain is a top choice that includes affordable property prices and favourable cost of living. Spain also continues to grow, seeing as much as a 20% increase in property sales. 

7. Portugal –

An excellent country for a real estate business in Portugal. The country is a hotspot for tourism, especially the regions of Lisbon and Porto. It means there are excellent rental business potentials in these places. Like the other countries on this list, Portugal continues to grow.


Some key factors are highly affected in the real business such as stability in govt, overall growth rate, govt expenditure on basic public amenities, etc. Before choosing a country to start a real business, get all info from all the aspects is naccessory.

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