7 Most Important Logo Design Steps- Must Know Before Drafting


The question probably arises in your mind, what is a logo? The logo is the most significant emblem in your branding or business. It contains ultimate charm, beauty, and sophistication to attract anyone from far away. It is the true face of your brand through which your customers, employees, and audience remember you for long. Let’s take an example of a famous e-commerce business Amazon, the arrow shows that this company provides you everything from “A to Z” and the other visual representation is that happy customers are when they shop with them. You can easily recognize this company due to its memorable and eye-catching logo. This is called a perfect logo design!

For creating a perfect brand image, one must hire a logo designer. Every designer has a different approach, a different way of thinking, and a way of completion. But there are some steps that all professionals share in order to maintain the brand’s credibility which are:

  1. Get to know your client’s business
  2. Do the research and learn about their industry
  3. Brainstorm ideas and think out the box
  4. Sketch out the concepts
  5. Select a perfect logo and work on it
  6. Gives your clients logos concepts and get approval
  7. Deliver the best output.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur, brand owner, or professional businessman, this blog will give you complete knowledge of how to design a logo that will become beneficial for you. As we know that there are already numerous logo agencies available on the internet which provide you with the best logo designing services for free or at a pocket-friendly price. You can easily hire them and create your design.

But in case if you have no designing experience and still want to design your logo by yourself then this blog is for you. Now before we start, it is important to get to know what makes a good logo? Is it simple, memorable, or appropriate? Of Course, all three characteristics are the fundamentals of your logo that make you recognizable among your audience. Let’s dive into our main motive without any further delay


Step-1: Know your clients

Now, this is the most fundamental thing that one must know before starting any project. A logo design is the center point of attraction. It is literally everywhere, so it should stand the test of time. Extract all the necessary information from clients that will become beneficial for you. Read creative briefs and underline clients’ business or their industry. Ask more questions about their business type and on what grounds they want to build their logo.

Step-2: Do research

Do hefty amounts of research on each and every aspect of the project. Use various colors, fonts, design themes, typography for the client’s particular industry. Learn more about colors, do in-depth research on colors psychology and how they affect human emotions. Get a better understanding of clients in order to remove communication gaps.

Step-3: Brainstorming creative logo design ideas

Use strategic thinking to develop useful ideas that help you to create an attractive logo. Present unique ideas in front of your client so that they can easily identify your innovative thinking. You can also take inspiration from the internet, and then mold that into yours.

Step-4: Sketch out what you think

Now, this is the process where most of the designers get stuck as they don’t know how to draft the ideas that they thought. After making a rough draft, you can execute further processes by looking at minor details. Check out industry-related logos but never copy them, use your own creativity to do so.

Step-5: logo Design Modifications

Once you are ready to sketch and form your logo design, now it’s your turn to implement it virtually i.e., on software. Start creating your logo on are software such as Adobe Illustration, PhotoShop, etc. are the top software for graphics designers. Do experiments by changing layout, tools, shapes, and other typography. Do multiple variations as much as you without compromising the actual theme of the design.

Step-6: Presentation of your logo design

Keep your logo sophisticated, elegant and attract audience attention gradually. Your colors are the main source of logos’ success. Choose the right font for the business as it matters the most in branding. Consider that color combination that clients have given you and think about how to customize it accordingly. The best logo is scalable. It shouldn’t lose its property when you print it or resize it.

Step-7: Submit the final result

Just finalize your files and hand them to your customers. Make sure it must be in a high format or contain high resolutions. And you know what type of software you used and what kind of files you generated.


Great logos are never created by accident but formed with pure intentions, good strategist hiking, and failure. Each aspect of your design helps people to better understand your logo and connects with your business on a more personal level. It is all about creativity and skill set. Just remain focused on strategies, do in-depth reaches and studies to drive the best outcomes.

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