How to sanitize air ducts?

air duct sanitizing

Are you looking for information for cleaning your airducts? Before we move on, we shall talk about the reason why will you need to clean them. Moreover, you will also get to know about whether the tools that are being used to get the job done are actually worth it. Whenever you think about cleaning your ductwork it will surely make sense because if you have learned cleaning different elements of the house then why do u shy away from sanitizing the air tubes. Here is a thorough guide that will take you through different elements and allow you to air duct sanitizing with ease. 

Signs that show you need sanitize air ducts

Cleaning ducts on certain occasions is not necessary because duct don’t wait for occasions to get dirty. Whenever there is substantial visible mold growth in the heating and cooling system, or rodents or insects start to make their home then its time for you to sanitize the air canal system to ensure healthy air quality of your home. 

To get know if there is a rodent living in your air vessel system you need to observe a few noises from the HVAC system and you could also contact a professional for it. But if you feel its hunch then you should go for an inspection yourself. Moreover, there is another reason you should go for ductwork cleaning and that reason is inconsistent airflow in different rooms. If you feel so then this is certain that something is blocking the air flow. For this first check if there is any physical element in the room that is blocking it but if you are sure that nothing is blocking then go for an inspection. 

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Cleaning ducts is a worthy decision or not?

If you are sure of the fact there is mold growth in the HVAC system in your house then it is certainly a worthy decision to clean it before it could be a reason for other issues. Since we all know that bad and dirty HVAC ducts could be a reason for health issues with your family thus cleaning ducts is certainly worth the money. 

Things You Need to Clean Your Air Canals

Following are the items that you will be required to clean when going for duct cleaning:

  • Furnace Filter
  • Vacuum
  • Brush
  • Screwdriver or Hex Driver
  • Paper Towels

Step-By-Step Duct Cleaning

  1. After you have gathered the necessary equipment for cleaning it’s time to start. Cover the supply registers with plastic or paper towels. It is important to ensure that dust doesn’t drift into the room while working. 
  2. Switch on the fan so that you are able to clean and move the dust along while you are banging and brushing the area. Keep the thermostat to fan on and turn off the heat/cool mode. This way fan will be running only and would let you clean the HVAC system. If you don’t have the fan only option you could go for heat option to clean it. 
  3. Inspect the filter to ensure that the furnace filter is able to knock out the dust and doesn’t let it go through the fan motor. 
  4. Use the brush to begin tapping on the ductwork that is accessible. This activity will help to loosen the dust that has been buildup in the ductwork. This is the most effective activity against the dust that have stuck inside the ductwork.
  5. Now you can move on to the supply registers. With help of vacuum you can suck up all the dust and debris from the supply registers. With help of the hose you can catch any dust that is pushed out via the fan and go ahead to sweep as far as the register. Once you are done with this activity you can now remove and dispose the paper towels that you have kept in place to keep them clean. 
  6. Now turn to the return registers and sweep them. For this you will require a screw and an extra tool to dislodge it. Now try to reach out to the register piping with help of brush. This will require a brush that could reach out as deep as it can. 
  7. Turn off the fan and furnace now of your HVAC system. You can do this with the switch or the breaker panel. You should be aware of the fact that turning the thermostat will not disconnect the power to the unit. Thus it is important that you disconnect the HVAC system properly from the main switch. 
  8. Now we are on last few steps and then we will be done for the day and we could enjoy and relax in our room. In this step you need to clean the blower compartment and the return air boot. Since the power has been turned off you can easily take off the panels that are placed on the front of the furnace and get to the blower compartment. Once you have reached out to it you can use the vacuum to sweep up the dust that is built up in the compartment and the return air boot. This is the place where you will find most of the dust thus it is important to clean it thoroughly. 
  9. In the end you need to replace the furnace filter because a new filter will allow you to reduce the dust that will get into your home. With a new filter you will have better air flow and increased efficiency of the duct system. How often should you change the air filter is totally dependent upon the fact that how you use the duct system and how often you get it cleaned. It is recommended to replace the filter when you are getting your HVAC system serviced. 
sanitize air ducts


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