HVAC Cleaning should be a part of the COVID-19 response or not?

With the emergence of COVID-19, there have been world has come to a stop. As time goes on the speculations about this disease are getting worse. In such a scenario when there is no game plan to overcome the issues highlighted by the emergence of COVID-19 we need to play our part by keeping ourselves and the environment around us safe. HVAC cleaning is one of the best ways to ensure you have got a healthy indoor air quality.

The heating and cooling system are very significant elements of our housing and offices in modern-day. Along with the increased use of the HVAC system there has also been increased demand for HVAC cleaning. The duct dusting industry has got a lot more power that will start informing the world that we are doing a lot that is making it difficult to clean the ducts. The emergence of COVID-19 will be the only reason that will greatly affect the process of duct making. 

From the past 30 years insulation industry has been going on with ease and has been quite successful but with this pandemic on the radar duct cleaning requirements can become a reason for moving insulation from inside to the outside. However, to achieve this it is highly significant that there is a very close relationship between the duct cleaners and duct fabricators as they have a complete understanding of the problem and the circumstances. Despite the fact, there might be a debate on the fact of how may this be achieved. 

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Duct vacuuming still an afterthought or not?

We still feel that people consider duct cleaning as an extra thing in their yearly budget but they need to realize that this is no more extra in our lives. We need to be extra careful about it since the emergence of COVID-19 which has badly affected our people and economy. We need to focus on how this relationship could be improved. 

Most of the times when the air quality is essential such as the operating rooms, laboratories, clean rooms a lot of thought process go into it just to plan how these areas could remain clean and maximize energy efficiency. Moreover, consideration also needs to be given to the fact of how the air in these areas could be kept clean. 

Talking about these systems we get to know that these systems are specially designed with numerous access points to ensure future cleaning and inspection. The things that we need to take under consideration are the type of material that is required. Most of the times they tend to prevent internal lined insulation that acts as a filter media inside the ducts. The main purpose of this is that they are attracting and capturing particulate. 

However, experts have suggested that people do not consider heating and cooling system cleaning an important element during the pre-construction days. It is the reason due to which there are most of the houses there is no proper way for cleaning HVAC systems because while building them only the efficiency of the ductwork was a priority. 

How could we build up a relationship between duct fabricator and duct spring-cleaning to make sure that the building remains healthy and safe?

It is highly important to ensure that the air we live in is clean as it may result in some very serious health issues that we may not have experienced before. The ideal solution to this problem would be an HVAC system design that is not only energy efficient but also works as a massive air purification system for the whole area. 

Talking about the current scenario the main function of the HVAC system is to cool down or warm up the area where it is installed. Although we can find numerous such areas where we can find individual air purifiers and HEPA filtration-type systems that are extremely effective for a small area as there is no such thing that has the ability to move the air in a facility as an HVAC system can. To make the HVAC system beneficial for our people it is highly important that we focus on the filtration design part. It is important because it helps to reduce the drag and friction inside the system. This will enable you to have a cleaner system and also a cleaner facility as well. 

How different would have been the response if there was a strong relationship between fabricator and duct cleaner?

We never know what is going to happen in the next hour or even the next minute. However, we can predict on the bases of past events and what is going on in the present but in this situation, fabricators didn’t have any idea what is coming there way. If they had an idea about it, they would have certainly considered a different and more effective design. Dirt accumulates whenever it is given a favorable situation. Friction is one of the most favorable conditions in which dirt will accumulate. It is the reason that hard corners, turning veins, and the actual duct material have an extremely important role to play in all this. We all know for a fact that things stay longer if they cleaned regularly and kept with care and the same is the case with HVAC systems. 

Lesson learned from the outbreak of COVID-19?

After considering the current situation there are a lot of things that will change after the pandemic. Talking about business there will be a significant change in the way the entire business is run. The indoor air quality will be one of the major concerns when we return back to our offices. Although personal spaces and homes are sanctuaries unfortunately there are a few occupants that are still relying on the facilities maintenance program. If the facility is maintained well along with the heating and cooling system then certainly achieving healthy air quality is not a difficult task. To overcome the pandemic and other issues such as these it is highly important that we come up with designs that not only ensure energy efficiency but also hygiene. 

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