Hiring Professional Services vs. DIY Dryer Vent leaning

Duct cleaning is highly significant to ensure healthy lifestyle for your family and your employees. Despite being a recurring task for which you will have to spare a handsome amount every year. People learn to clean ducts all by themselves with help of some very useful DIY cleaning methods available online. But the question here arises that when why you should hire a professional service. For this we will here be doing a thorough comparison of Hiring professional services vs. DIY dryer vent cleaning.

In this modern age you can find numerous channels on YouTube as well as dedicated pages on social media platforms. You know about some amazing tips and tricks that could help you clean your duct work all by yourself. But there are different situations where DIY is not as effective as hiring a professional facility. DIY may be effective for a situation where mess is controllable. But when it comes to cleaning the mess of 2-3 years that it will fail badly. It would cause you double the money for getting it cleaned again a professional package provider.

When DIY should be good enough for you?

If you are cleaning your dryer vents regularly every year or once in two years.  DIY can certainly help you save from a big loss. If it is not done then you should know that the lint will start building up. It would lead to some very serious issues. According to the experts it is highly important to clean the vents every three months so that you can ensure a complete service of HVAC system once a year will prove effective.

Doing it yourself will require effort that might not be as good as professional cleaning. However, if you are doing it regularly then mess would certainly prove to be much less. It is important to ensure you unplug the HVAC system before you start cleaning it. Moreover, ensure that the dryer is kept away from the wall.

Since DIY has become so popular that there is specialised equipment available for it in the market. You may get specialised brushes from any nearby hardware store as they will prove to be very effective in cleaning vents and ductwork all by yourself. According to the experts there is a significant amount of lint that could easily build lint screen. These specialised brushes could prove to be a very effective tool in overcoming these issues.

How to clean ductwork DIY?

When you go for DIY cleaning you should make sure that the vent hose or the ductwork is completely disconnected from the dryer. You can disconnect each of the section separately. With help of the brushes just sweep out the dust. Here you have to make sure that your face is covered because there will be clumps of dust coming out of it and you might get allergic to it.

To deal with the dust you should also have a handy vacuum that can suck up the dust in the areas where the brush can’t reach. It is also important to know that crevice attachment has also proved to be handy to ensure proper cleaning of the hole that is located at the back side of the dryer. The back has the hose or the duct attaches and also ensure that it will work quite well to ensure proper removal of lint and dust from these areas.

The dryer vent also has an exterior vent that is located at such a place where it is easily accessible. Once you have uncovered it by removing the vent cover you can easily clean the lint by hand or even the specialised brushes that you had. Once this task is complete run an empty dryer on the air-dry setting. Make sure that you leave the cover off for a while so that you are able to expel any loose piece of lint that could not be removed before.

Now you are almost done cleaning the vent and you are on the final steps of your task. Substitute the vent cover and reconvene the air ducts. If there is a chance to replace the semi-rigid flexible ductwork. it is a good time to go for rigid adjustable elbows as they will make your life a lot easier.

Comparison of DIY with Professional Services

There are very few ductworks available that have vent at exterior side as a lot of them will vent through roof or they may extend for dozens of feet before they reach the outside. Thus, it is not always easy to clean them all by yourself. With a professional service you will able to save your time, money and effort because they know how to handle such situations.

With an attempt to clean ductwork all by yourself might lead to blockages. It might be caused due to the incompetent equipment that you might be using. Moreover, you could also move dust or lint into concentrated area located at the middle of the vent.

Brush kits are not enough to service your HVAC system. It might cause puncturing a dryer hose. It means an expense of hundreds of dollars. Moreover, these brushes could also get trapped on the ridges of flexible ducts, which could also lead to calling for help from a professional service.

Thus, we reach on to the conclusion that HVAC professional services are best suited to cleaning vents as compared to a simple brush. DIY might be effort, time and money consuming with average results. So do not waste a moment to call for professional help. When it comes to ductwork cleaning, they will also help you to run diagnostics on the vent. He guide you better on leaks and other issues.


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